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The 2004 Libertarian National Convention was held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia Memorial Day weekend, May 27 to May 31. Michael Badnarik was chosen as the party's presidential candidate, beating out Gary Nolan and Aaron Russo on the third ballot; Richard Campagna was chosen as the party's vice-presidential candidate over Tamara Millay, and Michael Dixon was elected chair of the Libertarian National Committee. The convention was chaired by Geoffrey Neale.

Gary Nolan's campaign was managed by former LNC National Chair and LP Executive Director Steve Dasbach. Russo's campaign was managed by the LP's current Political Director, Stephen Gordon. Fred Collins, with the assistance of his wife Barbara Goushaw-Collins assumed the managerial responsibilities of the Badnarik campaign during the 2006 convention. Prior to the convention, Jon Airheart and Trevor Southerland had been Badnarik's key staffers.

The convention was organized by Nancy Neale. Audio, video and stage production was handled by Atlanta-based Van Gogh Productions.

The convention was broadcast on television nationally by C-Span, as well as other media outlets.

The theme of the convention was "LIBERTY Works!"

Speakers included:

R. Lee Wrights was elected as vice chair

??? was elected as treasurer and ??? as secretary.

Preceded by:
Indianapolis 2002
Libertarian National Convention
Succeeded by:
Portland 2006

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