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The 2014 Libertarian Party National Convention took place on the 26th through 29th of June 2014 the at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio.

A Lawrence W Reed book entitled Are We Good Enough for Liberty? inspired the theme for this convention: Character Matters.


  • Jay Estrada, LNC rep (TX, AL, MS, LA, OK, AR?)
  • Daniel Hayes, LNC alternate (TX, AL, MS, LA, OK, AR?)
  • Josh Katz, LNC alternate (New York, New Jersey, and the New England states)
  • Scott Lieberman, LNC alternate (California, Nevada, and New Mexico)
  • Rich Tomasso LNC rep (New York, New Jersey, and the New England states)
  • Dan Weiner, LNC rep (California, Nevada, and New Mexico)

(This list is known to be incomplete



Bylaws and Rules Committee

LNC members


LNC appointed alternates

Credentials Committee

LNC appointed

LNC appointed alternates

State appointed

Platform Committee

Awards Committee

Convention Management Committee

Convention Oversight Committee

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