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Jeff Daiell is a long-time Texas Libertarian activist, writer, and speaker. He is the author of the controversial short story, To Hell And Back, available on; and his new novel, From Roundheel To Revolutionary, has just been e-published on Amazon -- it deals with a young woman who becomes an advocate of individual Liberty.

He has run for office four times, has served many times on the Texas SLEC, and has served as county chair. He holds the record for most votes for an LP of Texas gubernatorial nominee (over 129K), and the LPT record for highest percentage in a gubernatorial race. He once again sought the LPT nomination for Governor in 2010.

Jeff is 62 and lives in Houston. He is married and has three children and four grandchildren. A 1973 graduate of Centenary College (B.A. in Government), he has his own business, Jeff Daiell Communications ( His campaign website is He has a presence on Facebook (both a personal page and two groups devoted to the campaign), MySpace, and Twitter (WeAreTexans).

Preceded by:
John E. Ford
Libertarian Party of Texas US Senate Candidate
Succeeded by:
Gary Johnson
Preceded by:
Theresa Doyle
Libertarian Party of Texas Gubernatorial Candidate
Succeeded by:
Keary Ehlers
Preceded by:
Les Turlington
Libertarian Party of Texas Gubernatorial Candidate
Succeeded by:
James Werner

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