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1972 Libertarian National Convention
Dates: June 15—18, 1972
Location: Denver, Colorado
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The first Libertarian Party National Convention was held June 15 - 18, 1972 in Denver, Colorado. John Hospers and Theodora Nathan were nominated presidential and vice presidential candidates respectively. They received the first electoral vote won by a woman, cast by Roger MacBride.

Election of Officers

Susan Nolan was elected as National Chair.

Ed Clark was elected as Vice-Chair

Diana Amsden was elected as Secretary.

Pipp Boyls was elected as Treasurer.

David Nolan, James Bryan, D. Frank Robinson, and Pat Lowrie were elected as At-Large members.

Audio Recordings


First-person accounts provided by convention participants.

Preceded by:
Libertarian National Convention
Succeeded by:
Strongsville 1973

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