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After the 2006 Texas LP Convention
After the 2006 Texas LP Convention

James Gholston serves on the Texas State Libertarian Executive Committee, as historian of the Denton County Libertarian Party, and with the Signs of Texas Liberty PAC and Texas Candidates for Liberty PAC.

He is president of Dimensionality, consorted, a small computer game company.

He served on the Moon Society Board of Directors from 2006-2009, has been appointed to the position of secretary (2013- ), and is the main sysop for Lunarpedia.

He has been actively working on since 2006.

Fun facts:

Infrequently, James can be seen zooming around Denton on his motorized scooter.

Strangelv's nom de plume is a shortened form of Dr. Strangelove. He dropped the Dr. because he doesn't have a doctorate and the "o" and "e" because his mainframe account name couldn't have more than 8 characters.

James previously had a pet rat, Tamagotchi, or Tag for short.

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