Colorado Convention 2018

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2018 Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention
LPCO 2018ConventionLogo.png
Dates: March 2018
Location: TBD
Venue: TBD
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(This is for an upcoming event. Information will be updated as the event date approaches)

The 2018 Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention is the upcoming annual convention for the Libertarian Party of Colorado. It is set to be held in March 2018, at a location and venue yet to be determined.


The convention will consist of amendment proposals to the bylaws and constitution of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. Delegates will elect board officers for the positions of Outreach Director, Records Director, Legislative Director, Treasurer, and Fundraising Director.[1]

Delegates will also elect nominees to run as candidates of the Libertarian Party of Colorado in the 2018 US midterm elections.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado will select up to 35 convention delegates to represent the state of Colorado at the 2018 National Convention in New Orleans.

Candidates for the 2018 US Elections

Main Article: 2018 Libertarian Party of Colorado Candidates

(this section will be updated as convention date approaches)

The following individuals are campaigning, or have expressed interest in campaigning, for the Libertarian Party of Colorado's nomination in the 2018 US Elections.

All 'Declared' candidates have publicly declared their intention to run through either filing to run with the Colorado Secretary of State/FEC, the issuing of a public statement, or the creation of a promotional page (web site or social media page).


Candidate Office
Daniel Lutz Colorado House District 13[2]
Kim Tavendale Colorado House District 33[3]
Michael Stapleton Colorado House District 47[4]
Tom Kelly Colorado House District 50[5]
Christopher Marston Washington County Sheriff[6]