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{{Infobox_States_Party |
Libertarian Party of Massachusetts <br>
  party_name    = Libertarian Party of Massachusetts |
  Political Facilitator :[[Carol McMahon]]<BR/>
  party_logo    = &nbsp; |
  Operations Facilitator : [[Art Torrey]] <BR/>
  chairperson = [[Thomas LaRoche]] |
  Recording Secretary : [[Mary-Anne Wolf]]<BR/>
  vicechair = [[Michael Cloud]] |
  Membership Secretary : [[Dave Roscoe]] <BR/>
  treasurer = [[Carol McMahon]] |
  Treasurer : [[Walter Ziobro]] <BR/>
  secretary = [[Rich Aucoin]] |
  Webmaster : [[Bill Hees]] <BR/>
  executive_director = [[Tristan Lewis]] |
  Chair: [[George Phillies]] <BR/>
  foundation    = &nbsp; |
  State Committee: [[Robert Underwood]]<BR/>
  address  =  30 East Chestnut Street<BR/>
  State Committee: [[Steve Drobnis]]<BR/>
30 East Chestnut Street<BR/>
Sharon, MA 02067<BR/>
Sharon, MA 02067<BR/>
Call: 1-800-JOIN-LPM |
website = http://www.lpmass.org/
Website: http://www.lpmass.org/  <BR/>
[[Christopher DeLeo]]<BR/>
[[Robert French]]<BR/>
[[Carla Howell]]<BR/>
[[Ron Jepson|Ron "Rocky" Jepson]]<BR/>
[[Peter Kuntz]]<BR/>
[[George Phillies]]<BR/>
[[Alan Wilcox]]<BR/>
'''Other contacts:'''<BR/>
[[Walter Ziobro|Walter Ziobro, Jr.]], ''compliance coordinator''<BR/>
[[David Roscoe]], ''database manager''<BR/>
[[Steve Drobnis]], ''marketing consultant''<BR/>
==Past Officers, Representatives, and Other Contacts==
[[Heather Ashcraft]], ''regional chair (Boston)''<BR/>
[[Moira Ashleigh]], ''website design and maintenance''<BR/>
[[Richard Aucoin]], ''regional chair (region F)''<BR/>
[[Ronald Bargoot]], ''communications/outreach coordinator''<BR/>
[[Elaine Berchin]], ''communications director''<BR/>
[[Jessica Bowen]], ''asset manager, associate board member''<BR/>
[[Michael Cloud]], ''associate board member''<BR/>
[[George Coffey]], ''board member''<BR/>
[[Dennis Corrigan]], ''political director''<BR/>
[[Christopher DeLeo]]' ''associate board member''<BR/>
[[Laura El-Azem]], ''secretary''<BR/>
[[Patrick El-Azem]], ''candidate coordinator''<BR/>
[[Stephanie Farrell]], ''editor,'' Massachusetts Liberty<BR/>
[[Richard Freedman]], ''board member''<BR/>
[[Robert French]], ''assistant secretary, regional chair (Region H, Boston), associate board member''<BR/>
[[Kevin Haskell]], ''board member''<BR/>
[[Carla Howell]], ''associate board member''<BR/>
[[Sally Howes]], ''board member''<BR/>
[[T. David Hudson]], ''associate board member''<BR/>
[[Eli Israel|Elias Israel]], chair<BR/>
[[Kamal Jain]], ''state chair, vice chair, executive director, editor, ''Massachusetts Liberty'',  regional chair (Greater Lowell)''<BR/>
[[Ron "Rocky" Jepson]], ''associate board member, regional chair (North Shore)''<BR/>
[[Doug Krick]], ''associate board member, glbt outreach chair''<BR/>
[[Peter Kuntz]], ''associate board member, secretary''<BR/>
[[Ann LaRoche]], ''associate board member<BR/>
[[Thomas LaRoche]], ''state chair, vice chair, representative''<BR/>
[[Tristan Lewis]], ''executive director''<BR/>
[[Eve Maler]], ''associate board member''<BR/>
[[Jim Marshall]], ''associate board member''<BR/>
[[Carol McMahon]], ''assistant treasurer, regional chair (Central MA, Region B)''<BR/>
[[Robert O'Keefe]], ''board member''<BR/>
[[Celeste Parent]], ''board member, associate board member''<BR/>
[[Carmen Pepicelli]], ''social night coordinator''<BR/>
[[Kay Pirrello]], ''executive director, regional chair (Region D/North Shore), social coordinator, volunteer coordinator''<BR/>
[[George Phillies]], ''board member''<BR/>
[[Amanda Phillips]], ''associate board member''<BR/>
[[Raymond Phoenix]], ''board member''<BR/>
[[Prema Popat]], ''communications director''<BR/>
[[Sue Poulin]], ''board member''<BR/>
[[Dave Rizzo]], ''assistant treasurer''<BR/>
[[David Roscoe]], ''membership & corresponding secretary''<BR/>
[[Muni Savyon]], ''electronic outreach coordinator''<BR/>
[[Christine Schoaff]], ''executive director, marketing director, press release editor''<BR/>
[[Christopher Schoaff|P. Christopher Schoaff]], ''editor, ''Massachusetts Liberty<BR/>
[[Alvin See]], ''regional chair (Western MA)''<BR/>
[[Rebecca Shipman]], ''Hurst social coordinator''<BR/>
[[Jason Solinsky]], ''Cambridge Libertarian Association chair, legislative liaison''<BR/>
[[Mark Tuniewicz]], ''board member''<BR/>
[[Jay Vandersloot|Jay S. Vandersloot, Jr]], ''vice chair''<BR/>
[[Alan Wilcox]], ''associate board member''<BR/>
[[Walter Ziobro|Walter Ziobro, Jr]], ''treasurer''<BR/>
''See: [[Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Historical Election Results]]''
''See: [[Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Historical Election Results]]''

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