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[[File:MA Logo gray large.png|none|enframed]]
{{Infobox State
{{Infobox State
|name = Libertarian Party of Massachusetts
|name = Libertarian Party of Massachusetts
|logo =  
|logo = MA Logo gray large.png
|logo-size =  
|logo-size = 200px
|state = Massachusetts
|state = Massachusetts
|chartered = September 1972
|chartered = September 1972

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Libertarian Party of Massachusetts
MA Logo gray large.png
General Information
Chartered: September 1972
Region: Massachusetts
Chair: Cris Crawford
Vice-Chair: Vacant
Secretary: Peter Everett
Treasurer: Susan Ruiz
Address: POB 1154, Worcester MA 01613
Website: Website
Social Media
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: [@lpmass Twitter]

This organization is the Massachusetts state affiliate of the Libertarian Party of the United States of America. Its territory is the state of Massachusetts. Its official web site is at http://lpmass.org/ The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts has at times been among the most effective Libertarian Parties in the United States.

State Committee (2017—2018)

Cris Crawford

State Chair


Susan Ruiz

Treasurer & Fundraising Director


Peter Everett

Recording Secretary


Jeff Lyons

Membership Director


Dan Fishman

Political Director


Dercy Teixeira

Operations Director


Jon Plante

Communications Director


Don Graham

Technology Director


David Blau



POB 1154
Worcester, MA 01609

Website: http://www.lpmass.org/

Massachusetts Delegation to the 2016 LP Convention in Orlando.jpg

Past Officers, Representatives, and Other Contacts

Heather Ashcraft, regional chair (Boston)
Moira Ashleigh, website design and maintenance
Richard Aucoin, regional chair (region F)
Ronald Bargoot, communications/outreach coordinator
Elaine Berchin, communications director
Jessica Bowen, asset manager, associate board member
Michael Cloud, associate board member
George Coffey, board member
Dennis Corrigan, political director
Christopher DeLeo, associate board member
Steve Drobnis, board member
Laura El-Azem, secretary
Patrick El-Azem, candidate coordinator
Stephanie Farrell, editor, Massachusetts Liberty
Richard Freedman, board member
Robert French, assistant secretary, regional chair (Region H, Boston), associate board member
Bill Hees, webmaster
Kevin Haskell, board member
Carla Howell, associate board member
Sally Howes, board member
T. David Hudson, associate board member
Elias Israel, chair
Kamal Jain, state chair, vice chair, executive director, editor, Massachusetts Liberty, regional chair (Greater Lowell)
Ron "Rocky" Jepson, associate board member, regional chair (North Shore)
Doug Krick, associate board member, glbt outreach chair
Peter Kuntz, associate board member, secretary
Ann LaRoche, associate board member
Thomas LaRoche, state chair, vice chair, representative
Tristan Lewis, executive director
Barry L. Lockard, chair (c. 1984)
Eve Maler, associate board member
Jim Marshall, associate board member
Carol McMahon, assistant treasurer, regional chair (Central MA, Region B), political facilitator
Robert O'Keefe, board member
Celeste Parent, board member, associate board member
Carmen Pepicelli, social night coordinator
Kay Pirrello, executive director, regional chair (Region D/North Shore), social coordinator, volunteer coordinator
George Phillies, board member, chair
Amanda Phillips, associate board member
Raymond Phoenix, board member
Prema Popat, communications director
Sue Poulin, board member
Dave Rizzo, assistant treasurer
David Roscoe, membership & corresponding secretary
Muni Savyon, electronic outreach coordinator
Christine Schoaff, executive director, marketing director, press release editor
P. Christopher Schoaff, editor, Massachusetts Liberty
Alvin See, regional chair (Western MA)
Paul Siegler, chair, 1972
Rebecca Shipman, Hurst social coordinator
Jason Solinsky, Cambridge Libertarian Association chair, legislative liaison
Mark Tuniewicz, board member
Jay S. Vandersloot, Jr, vice chair
Alan Wilcox, associate board member
Mary-Anne Wolf, recording secretary
Walter Ziobro, Jr, treasurer

Justin O'Donnell State Committee Member, 2016


  • Most of the decisions for the LPMA are made by its legislative body, the LPMA State Committee. The State Committee meets monthly.

The LPMA State Convention elects the State Committee, amends the Party Bylaws and Constitution, amends or adapts a Party Platform, and appoints delegates to the National Convention. The State Convention has historically been held in late winter or early spring. In 2006 the State Committee failed to hold a state convention in a timely way to appoint delegates, and was forced to amend the Party By-Laws retroactively to approve the delegate placeholders appointed by the State Chair.

In June 2006 George Phillies was appointed by the State Committee to organize the next State Convention. Bylaws and other constraints have set the date of this convention to be Saturday September 23, 2006, 10:15 AM at Tweed's Pub on Grove Street in Worcester. There is a hotel in walking distance for persons who cannot travel by motor vehicle on Saturday. The convention registration fee is $28 for LPMA members, including an Italian buffet lunch.

Expected convention speakers are

The Honorable Donald Gorman, LPNH, "Why New Hampshire Democrats are doing well and what we can learn from them"

Mr. Stephen Gordon, LNC Communication Director, on new LNC programs.

Mailing List

Local Affiliates

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The Election



See: Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Historical Election Results
See: How to Run for Office

Elected Libertarians in Massachusetts

Jim Casarjian-Perry, Town Meeting Representative (Precinct 9, Billerica)
Arthur Torrey, Town Meeting Representative (Precinct 11, Billerica)
Mary-Anne Wolf, Town Meeting Representative (Precinct 11, Billerica)

Size and Influence

Year Minimum

Total Donors
2004 - 2016
Active Members
1972 - 2003

2017 2,878 258
2016 138,018 8,846 3,032 376
2015 2,831 192
2014 14,379 10,920 2,807 206
2013 2,780 248
2012 30,920 13,336 2,740 271
2011 2,678 245
2010 22,388 15,857 2,664 298
2009 2,659 286
2008 93,713 12,534 2,586 331
2007 (Nov) 2,466 (Nov) 292
2006 1,511 2,442 256
2005 2,371 386
2004 15,022 23,900 (Aug) 495
2003 501
2002 369,807 20,578 665
2001 895
2000 308,860 16,071 869
1999 852
1998 102,198 7,610 728
1997 578
1996 20,426 8,157 549
1995 354
1994 77,584 333 303
1993 272
1992 9,021 204 322
1991 255
1990 270
1989 253
1988 34,339 153
1984 271
1982 69,795
1980 22,038
1978 6,440
1976 2,085
1972 43

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