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(Historical Leaders, Staff, and Members)
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[[Rafael Zapata]], c. 1997<BR/>
[[Rafael Zapata]], c. 1997<BR/>
[[Ed Zetina]], c. 1997<BR/>
[[Ed Zetina]], c. 1997<BR/>
[[Ken Zetina]], vice chair, 1997-1999<BR/>
[[Ken Zetina]], vice-chair, 1997-1999<BR/>
[[Keri Zetina]], c. 1997<BR/>
[[Keri Zetina]], c. 1997<BR/>

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Libertarian Party of Puerto Rico
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General Information
Chartered: 1997, 2008
Website: Website
Social Media
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The Libertarian Party of Puerto Rico was reestablished in 2008 with a noticeable web presence that promotes Libertarian solutions. Its present leadership is difficult to identify.

Its previous iteration was founded in 1997 in Santurce, Puerto Rico. It included talk radio host Frank Worley and statehood activist Jose Julio Diaz. This version of the organization fell apart by the end of 1999.

Historical Leaders, Staff, and Members

First LPPR chair Frank Worley (photo from press release)

William Alvarez, webmaster, 1997-1999
Mona Cafone, c. 1997
Armando Causade Jr, c. 1997
Jose Julio Diaz, secretary, 1997-1999
Angel Fuentes, c. 1997
Charlie Mangual, c. 1997
Christina Worley, c. 1997
Frank Worley, chair, 1997-1999
Rafael Zapata, c. 1997
Ed Zetina, c. 1997
Ken Zetina, vice-chair, 1997-1999
Keri Zetina, c. 1997

Newsletter and website

April/May 1999 Newsletter

There was a print newsletter in the late 1990s, which was mailed to members. It had at least two issues: May 1997 and April/May 1999. A bilingual LPPR website was designed and operated by member William Alvarez between 1997 and 1998. However, no archives of it are known to exist.

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