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| 18 January 2020 || '''Libertarian Party of Georgia'''<br>Jessica Szilagyi (moderator) || Douglasville, Georgia|| <span style="font-size:88%;">Dan Behrman<br>Kenneth Blevins<br>Lincoln Chafee<br>Erik Gerhardt<br>Jo Jorgensen<br>Adam Kokesh<br>Sam Robb<br>Vermin Supreme<br>Mark Whitney</span> || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc--6mtJOoc Video]
| 18 January 2020 || '''Libertarian Party of Georgia'''<br>Jessica Szilagyi (moderator) || Douglasville, Georgia|| <span style="font-size:88%;">Dan Behrman<br>Kenneth Blevins<br>Lincoln Chafee<br>Erik Gerhardt<br>Jo Jorgensen<br>Adam Kokesh<br>Sam Robb<br>Vermin Supreme<br>Mark Whitney</span> || [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc--6mtJOoc Video]
| 16 February 2020 || '''Libertarian Party of California'''<br>Matt Welch (moderator) || Los Angeles, California|| <span style="font-size:88%;">Lincoln Chafee<br>Jacob Hornberger<br>Jo Jorgensen<br>Adam Kokesh<br>Vermin Supreme<br>Mark Whitney</span> ||

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This article is about an upcoming election. Information is subject to change as the election date approaches and as new information becomes available.

The 2020 Libertarian Party presidential primary will consist of individuals seeking the Libertarian Party nomination at the 2020 Libertarian National Convention on May 22-25 in Austin, Texas. The nominee will run in the 2020 United States Presidential Election, to be held on Tuesday November 3, 2020.

Declared Candidates

Over 64 filings are listed under the Federal Election Commission for the Libertarian nomination for President.[1]

The individuals listed below have filed their campaigns with the FEC and have a social media page/website declaring their intention to run:

Candidates with FEC receipts (as of February 18, 2020)
Name Background State Campaign Announced FEC Receipts
Ken Armstrong Former Executive
Former Honolulu County Neighborhood Board
Oregon website 10 May 2019 $20,360.41
Daniel Behrman Podcaster and Internet Personality
2014 Libertarian nominee for District 125 of the Texas House of Representatives
Texas website 29 May 2016 $42,063.85
Jacob Hornberger Future of Freedom Foundation, Founder and President Virginia website 2 November 2019[2] $25,012.62
Jo Jorgensen Psychology Senior Lecturer at Clemson University
1996 Libertarian nominee for Vice President
South Carolina website 13 August 2019 $9,355.20
Adam Kokesh Anti-War Activist and Author
2018 Write-in Candidate for U.S. Senate from Arizona
Arizona website 18 July 2013 $207, 915.68
Steve Richey FedEx Courier Hawaii social media page 17 May 2018 $20,000
Vermin Supreme
(running mate- Spike Cohen)
Performance Artist and Activist
Candidate for President since 1992
Massachusetts website 28 May 2018 $32,048.68
1996 Libertarian Candidate for Vermont State Senate
California website 17 December 2019 $67,000.87

Candidates without FEC Receipts (as of February 18, 2020)
Name Background State Campaign Announced
Max Abramson New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham District 20
2016 Libertarian Nominee for Governor of New Hampshire
New Hampshire website 30 June 2019
Sorinne Ardeleanu Author and Motivational Speaker California website 17 January 2020
Lincoln Chafee 74th Governor of Rhode Island (2011-2015)
US Senator from Rhode Island (1999 to 2007)
Mayor of Warwick, Rhode Island (1993 to 1999)
Wyoming website 5 January 2020[3]
Daniel Christmann Libertarian Party of Brooklyn Vice-Chair New York website November 17 2019[4]
Keenan Wallace Dunham Libertarian Party of Horry County Chair South Carolina website 20 August 2019
Brian Ellison 2018 Libertarian Party of Michigan nominee for US House Michigan District 8
2018 Candidate for the Libertarian Party of Michigian nomination for US Senate
Michigan social media page 14 February 2020
Souraya Faas 2018 candidate for the Republican nomination for US House Florida District 26
2016 Independent Write-in candidate for President
Florida social media page 11 May 2019
Benjamin Leder Libertarian Party of Henderson County Chair Texas website 24 March 2018
John McAfee Former CEO of McAfee Inc.
2016 Candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination
Tennessee website 03 June 2018
John Monds 2014 Libertarian Party of Georgia Nominee for Public Service Commission, District 1
2010 Libertarian Party of Georgia nominee for Governor
Georgia website 2 February 2020
James O. Ogle Artist and Mathematician
2012 Candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination
California website 02 July 2018
Sam Robb
Software Developer and Entrepreneur Pennsylvania website 01 April 2018
Arvin Vohra Former Libertarian National Committee Vice-Chair (2014-2018)
Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate from Maryland in 2018
Maryland website 03 July 2018
Andy Williams Paralegal and Activist Illinois social media page 7 August 2019

Publicly Speculated/Expressed Interest

These individuals have publicly expressed an interested in running or have been the subject of speculation that are running for president, but have otherwise made no formal declaration to do so.

  • Justin Amash, US House Representative from Michigan's 3rd District.[5]
  • Gary Fagg, Founder and retired CEO of CreditRe.[6]
  • Roque 'Rocky' De La Fuente, businessman and perennial candidate.[7]

Withdrawn Candidates

Name Background State Campaign Announced Withdrew
Kim Ruff
(running mate- John Phillips)
Former Libertarian Party Radical Caucus Secretary
2018 Candidate for Arizona State Mine Inspector
Arizona website 06 July 2018 11 January 2020[8]
Christopher Marks Programmer and Activist Indiana social media page 1 March 2019 8 August 2019 [9]
William Hurst Defense Contractor Alabama website 30 July 2018 28 May 2019 [10]
(endorsed Kim Ruff) [11]
Benjamin Dryke
(running mate- Jeff Wood)
2018 Libertarian Nominee for the Michigan House of Representatives District 36 Michigan social media page 2018 19 February 2019 [12]
(endorsed Bernie Sanders)
Zoltan Istvan Transhumanist and Futurist
2018 Candidate for Governor of California
California website 25 November 2017 11 January 2019
(Running for the Republican nomination for President) [13]


2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Primaries, 2018 Debates
Date Host/Moderators Location Candidates Media
11 December 2018 Johnny Rocket, Raylene Lightheart Internet Livestream Daniel Behrman
Ben Leder
Kim Ruff
Arvin Vohra
2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Primaries, 2019 Debates
Date Host/Moderators Location Candidates Media
8 February 2019 Kerry McKennon Internet Livestream Daniel Behrman
Ben Leder
Arvin Vohra
26 February 2019 Liberty on the Air
Daniel Fishman (Moderator)
Internet Livestream Daniel Behrman
Ben Leder
Arvin Vohra
15 March 2019 We Are Libertarians
Hodey Johns (Moderator)
Internet Livestream Christopher Marks
Kim Ruff
Ben Leder
Arvin Vohra
31 March 2019 TVW
Randy McGlenn (Moderator)
Libertarian Party of Washington
2019 State Convention
Adam Kokesh
Arvin Vohra
27 April 2019 Libertarian Party of Colorado Libertarian Party of Colorado
2019 State Convention
Adam Kokesh
Vermin Supreme
Arvin Vohra
1 June 2019 Larry Sharpe (Moderator) Libertarian Party of Ohio
2019 State Conference
Adam Kokesh
Christopher Marks
Kim Ruff
Vermin Supreme
Arvin Vohra
23 September 2019 Libertarians of Montgomery
Libertarian Party of Ohio
Matthew McGowan (Moderator)
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Presidential Town Hall
Dayton, OH
Ken Armstrong
Souraya Faas
Vermin Supreme
2 November 2019 South Carolina Libertarian Party
Matt Welch (Moderator)
South Carolina Libertarian Party
2019 State Convention
Florence, SC
Adam Kokesh
Kim Ruff
Vermin Supreme
Dan Behrman
Ken Armstrong
Jo Jorgensen
9 November 2019 Cattaraugus County Libertarian Party
Olean Senior High School
Olean, NY
Adam Kokesh
Kim Ruff
Vermin Supreme
Max Abramson
Ken Armstrong
Arvin Vohra
Souraya Faas
Jedi Hill
Sam Robb
2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Primaries, 2020 Debates
Date Host/Moderators Location Candidates Media
11 January 2020 Daniel Fishman New Hampshire LP Convention Sam Robb
Max Abramson
Daniel Behrman
Arvin Vohra
Vermin Supreme
Eric Gerhardt
Jo Jorgensen
Mark Whitney
18 January 2020 Libertarian Party of Georgia
Jessica Szilagyi (moderator)
Douglasville, Georgia Dan Behrman
Kenneth Blevins
Lincoln Chafee
Erik Gerhardt
Jo Jorgensen
Adam Kokesh
Sam Robb
Vermin Supreme
Mark Whitney
16 February 2020 Libertarian Party of California
Matt Welch (moderator)
Los Angeles, California Lincoln Chafee
Jacob Hornberger
Jo Jorgensen
Adam Kokesh
Vermin Supreme
Mark Whitney

Primaries, Caucuses, and State Party Straw Polls

The following are primaries, caucuses, or straw polls that have been officially conducted by Libertarian affiliates (per the Libertarian National Committee bylaws, these results are nonbinding on the delegation of these states).[14]

New Hampshire

2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Primary- New Hampshire (January 11, 2020)[15]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Vermin Supreme 26 18.57%
Kim Ruff (withdrew Jan. 11) 22 15.71%
Jo Jorgensen (write-in) 17 12.14%
None of the above (NOTA) 13 9.29%
Dan "Taxation is Theft" Behrman 13 9.29%
Jacob Hornberger (write-in) 9 6.43%
Sam Robb 8 5.71%
Arvin Vohra 6 4.29%
Mark Whitney (write-in) 6 4.29%
Lincoln Chafee (write-in) 4 2.86%
Others 16 11.43%


2020 Georgia Libertarian Party Straw Poll (January 18, 2020)[16]
Candidate Votes
Adam Kokesh 48
Jo Jorgensen 29
Vermin Supreme 26
Dan "Taxation is Theft" Behrman 21
Sam Robb 20


2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Caucus- Iowa (February 8, 2020)[17]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Jacob Hornberger 134 47.52%
Lincoln Chafee 36 12.77%
Jo Jorgensen 18 6.38%
Adam Kokesh 17 6.03%
Dan Behrman 14 4.96%
John McAfee 10 3.55%
Vermin Supreme 9 3.55%
Other (write-in) 8 2.84%
None of the Above (NOTA) 8 2.84%
Sam Robb 7 2.48%
Max Abramson 6 2.13%
Mark Whitney 4 1.42%
Arvin Vohra 3 1.06%
Ken Armstrong 2 0.71%
Souraya Faas 2 0.71%
Benjamin Leder 1 0.35%
John Monds 1 0.35%

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