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                    Minutes of the Meeting of the
                    Libertarian National Committee
                          2-3 December 1989
                        San Diego, California
Members Present:
     Chair      Dave Walter
     Vice-Chair Mary T. Gingell
     Secretary  Joseph W. Dehn III
     Treasurer  Stephen R. Fielder
     At Large   I. Dean Ahmad
                Steven Alexander
                Toni L. Black
                William Redpath
                Norma D. Segal
     Region 1   Karen Allard
     Region 2   Geoffrey J. Neale
                George O'Brien
     Region 3   Stephen L. Dasbach
     Region 4   Ron Crickenberger
     Region 5   Clifford F. Thies
     Region 6   Vicki Kirkland
     Region 7   Steven I. Givot
     Region 8   Gary Johnson
1. CALL TO  ORDER: The regular  meeting of  the  Libertarian  National
Committee was called  to order by  Chair  Dave  Walter  at  9:17am  on
Saturday, 2  December  1989,  at  the  Clarion  Hotel  in  San  Diego,
2. CREDENTIALS: It  was noted that  all members were present,  and the
address list was passed around for corrections.  Walter announced that
Jim Turney had  requested to videotape  the  meeting;  there  were  no
3. APPROVAL OF  PREVIOUS  MINUTES:  The  minutes  of  the  August  and
September meetings were approved with no objections.
3A. CONVENTION REPORT: Without objection, corrections to the report of
the 1989 convention  [Attachment A] were considered.  Fielder proposed
that the last  sentence of section D should read "The motion passed on
a voice vote,  but the report  was not taken from  the table."   Ahmad
proposed a set of corrections submitted to him by Dehn [Attachment M].
 Walter proposed correcting  section A to  show  that  the  convention
managers were Dave  Walter, Don Ernsberger,  and Linda  Morrison,  and
that the Convention  Oversight Committee  consisted  of  Steve  Givot,
Peggy Jeny, and  Tonie Nathan.   All  the  proposed  corrections  were
accepted with  no  objection  [Attachment  Z].   Black  noted  that  a
resolution regarding Chinese  students had been  adopted, but did  not
appear in the report.
4. REPORT ON  MAIL BALLOT: Dehn submitted a written report on the mail
ballot of 22 September [Attachment B]. Dehn moved to repeal Resolution
347; the motion passed on a voice vote.
5. SETTING OF  THE AGENDA: Dasbach moved that item 23 (Campaign 90) be
deleted and that  5 minutes be  added to item 15  (Affiliate Parties).
Black moved that  item 26 (Advertising  Development) be made item 12A.
Ahmad moved to add Judicial Committee Rules for 5 minutes as item 10A,
and Future Meetings  for 10 minutes  as item 18A.  Walter moved to add
New Chair of Convention Oversight Committee for 5 minutes as item 16A.
Thies moved to  add 5 minutes to item 21 (Audit Report).  Walter moved
to expand item  19 (Regional Reports)  to 30 minutes.   These  changes
were approved without objection.
Fielder moved that item 18 (Budget) be split into two 30 minute parts,
one as the  last item on  Saturday and the other  as the first item on
Sunday.  The motion failed.
Givot moved that  item 25 (Ballot  Access) be made  item  18B.   Ahmad
moved that Resolution  on the Middle  East be added for  10 minutes as
item 18C.  These changes were approved without objection.
6. CHECK OF  PAPERWORK:  Walter reviewed  the paperwork that had  been
distributed up to that point.
7. CHAIR'S REPORT:  Walter presented charts  on membership and  income
[Attachment N].  He  commented that more needs to be done to encourage
the affiliate parties  to bring in  memberships and to  be  active  in
between elections, that  fundraising is basically doing OK and that we
would end the  year with a surplus, that there had been lots of direct
mail activity recently,  and that  various  committees  were  actively
working.  He described the proposed budget for 1990 as aggressive, and
said that this would require aggressiveness in fundraising.
A discussion followed on the role of the affiliate parties in bringing
in memberships, and  the accuracy with which we can measure the effect
of their efforts.  Several people questioned the meaningfulness of the
income source codes.   Several people remarked  on problems  involving
transfer of dues and membership information from the affiliate parties
to the national  office.  Several people  reported  that  states  were
doing followups on  the C-SPAN inquiries.   Ernsberger  remarked  that
membership could expand  dramatically as a  result of recent increased
publicity and the activities included in the new budget.
8. TREASURER'S REPORT:  Fielder presented a written report [Attachment
O].  In reply  to questions from Walter, Fielder said that FEC reports
were being submitted on time and that John Famularo was verifying that
the program was working correctly, Givot reported that the BAC now has
its own employer  ID number, and  Fielder said that the  FEC  had  not
questioned our reports  as a result  of the Nadia Hayes  incident  but
that an amended report would have to be filed.
In reply to  a question from  Ahmad, Walter stated that  Paul Jacob is
not on a  leave of absence,  having submitted a  resignation  and  not
having accepted the  offer of  leave.   Givot  pointed  out  that  the
figures for the  Field Coordinator appear  strange because of  various
adjustments between  the  general  LNC  budget  and  the  BAC.   Thies
questioned the meaning of the figure for the Ballot Access Fund on the
balance sheet, and asked some questions about leases.
9. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE  REPORT: Dehn  reported  that  minutes  of  the
Executive Committee are  available, and pointed  out  two  resolutions
that the Committee  had passed.  In  reply to a question  from  Givot,
Walter stated that  he felt that  the Committee had adequate authority
to deal with headquarters matters.
The question of  whether the Committee  should be making statements on
public policy was discussed.  Walter said that it is important to make
statements on a  timely basis, and  that they have more credibility if
they come from  a committee than if they come from the Chair.  Several
people said that  it was better  for the Chair to be the spokesperson,
but that consulting  with the Committee  was a good idea.   Ahmad said
that resolutions made  by the Committee  should be  labeled  as  such,
rather than as  statements of the  Party.  Dehn said that  having  the
Committee take positions  on controversial issues could interfere with
proper functioning and  selection of the Committee.  O'Brien said that
the Committee should only make statements when there is a consensus.
10. HEADQUARTERS REPORT:  Dunbar reported that  the office had two new
employees, presented a  new chart of  accounts that will have separate
account and deparment codes, and suggested that we should increase the
subscription price if  the LP News  is published monthly.  In reply to
questions from Walter,  he  reported  that  the  intern  situation  is
"dismal", and that  he is making some improvements to the first floor.
In reply to a question from Walter, Thies and Redpath commented on the
possibility of purchasing a headquarters building.
In reply to  a question from  Gingell, Dunbar described what was known
about the failure of the LP News to be delivered to the Northwest.  He
estimated, based on  the amount of  postage  used,  that  the  printer
failed to send  out approximately 1000  copies.  He will be  trying to
figure out more  precisely who didn't  get it, and will  send them  an
apology and give them a three month extension on their dues.
In reply to  a question from  Steve Fielder, Dunbar stated  that Chris
Fielder had been  hired to do  some of the more  difficult bookkeeping
work, and that  it might be  necessary to have her do a little more in
the future, but  that the regular  work is being done  by  the  office
staff and he has hired a CPA to do the monthly closings.
In response to  a question from  Allard, Dunbar said that  he  thought
backorders of pamphlets were being handled properly.
Fielder moved that  Resolution 253 be  amended  by  inserting  "except
payroll accounts" before  "will require two signatures".  He explained
that  an  outside  payroll  service  was  being  used,  but  there  is
insufficient time for  an officer to  sign  the  checks.   The  motion
passed on a voice vote.
In reply to  questions from Dehn,  Dunbar  described  the  use  of  an
outside service for  list rental.  The  service  is  provided  with  a
36-month contributor list,  updated every four months; they make tapes
when necessary.
10A. JUDICIAL COMMITTEE  RULES: Givot moved  to approve  the  Judicial
Committee Rules [Attachment C]; the motion passed without objection.
[The meeting was  recessed for lunch  at 11:55am, and called  back  to
order by Dave Walter at 12:26pm.]
11. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE  REPORT (part 1):  Allard submitted a written
report [Attachment D]  and an updated report [Attachment P].  She said
that it was  necessary that we  "service" our members and  treat  them
like customers.
Allard moved: "A  membership packet (contents  to be determined by the
Membership Committee) will  be sent out  by the LP national  office to
all new and renewing members.  This packet will be sent to the members
within 2 weeks  of  receiving  their  dues  in  the  national  office.
Individuals who are  active on  the  pledge  program  will  receive  a
membership packet every  January 15.  This  membership packet  program
will begin January 1, 1990."
There was a  discussion of how difficult it would be for the office to
implement such a  program, and whether  membership cards  need  to  be
included every year.  Ahmad moved to amend Allard's motion by changing
"2 weeks" to  "one month"; the  motion to amend passed.  Dehn moved to
amend the motion  by inserting "life  members and" before "individuals
who are active  on the pledge  program", and to change  "every January
15" to "annually"; the motion to amend passed.  The main motion passed
on a voice vote.
Allard moved that "Membership cards will be sent to every new/renewing
member.  The card  will be included in the membership packet." Dasbach
moved to substitute "Membership cards will be sent once to each member
or upon request.".  The motion to substitute passed and the substitute
language was adopted.
Allard moved to  amend Resolution 65  by changing "20 percent"  to "50
percent", and by deleting the second sentence.  The motion passed.
Allard moved  to  amend  Resolution  65  by  inserting  "and  LP  News
subscribers" after the  second occurence of "national membership", and
by adding the  sentence "For those  memberships sent into the National
LP office by  individuals or state  parties without the  signed  oath,
those members will be considered LP News subscribers until the oath is
signed."; the motion passed.
Allard moved "to  add a new membership category: second member at same
address. When a  basic membership of $15 is paid, the second member at
the same address  pays $10 for  a basic membership and  the  household
only receives 1  LP News".  Gingell  moved to postpone  discussion  of
membership categories and  prices to  tomorrow  for  30  minutes;  the
motion to postpone passed.
12. OUTREACH  COMMITTEE  REPORT:  Black  submitted  a  written  report
[Attachment E].  She  reported that there  will be a spring edition of
Liberty Today, and that the LP presence at the Washington "Pro-choice"
rally led to  calls.  She asked  for clarification of the  division of
responsibility between the Outreach and Membership committees, and for
LNC discussion of "special projects".
There was general  agreement that membership  prospecting mailings, to
lists other than  our own, should  be  the  concern  of  the  Outreach
Committee.   Walter  said   that  the  Membership   Committee   should
concentrate on membership  policies and services.   Alexander remarked
that  the  Finance  Committee  traditionally  helps  with  prospecting
There was a general discussion of "special projects", such as protests
and lobbying, as  opposed to electoral  activity.  Comments  included:
projects should not  be "negative", such  projects are good activities
for parties that have trouble getting ballot status, they are good for
media relations, and  they should be  things that  can  be  successful
without  requiring  all   states  to  participate.   Black  said  that
materials were available  for Volunteer Day,  lots of people like  the
idea of a project on the 4th of July, states seem to be able to handle
April  15th  protests   by  themselves,  and   she  is  looking   into
possibilities for Bill of Rights Day.
There was discussion  specifically of the  census project.  Ernsberger
said it would  involve a letter to the membership, material for people
to use in  protest, and a  mailing to  the  state  parties  soliciting
purchase of those  materials; the project  is expected to  break  even
financially, with material sales covering the cost of the printing and
mailings. There was  disagreement about whether  this is an  issue  of
concern to the  general public.  Nathan  said that it is an issue that
we are out  in front on.   Dasbach moved to "do it"; the motion passed
on a voice vote.
written report [Attachment  Q] and presented  the new series of  print
advertisements.  These have  a cleaned up logo and a consistent theme:
"Defenders of Liberty".  He recommended that we distribute them to the
state parties and  track which ones  are cited by prospects;  he  also
suggested that the  same theme be  used for a bumper sticker.  He also
discussed targeting mailings by "life-style cluster", and use of radio
commentaries, and presented  the results of his survey of state chairs
regarding TV spots.
There was a  discussion of the  financing for  production  of  the  TV
spots.  Nolan said  that the $5300  that the ADC has  available  would
probably be enough  to produce two  spots, but  that  the  LNC  should
appropriate a little  money to give  him slack if necessary.  He plans
to do fundraising  for additional production  once the first ones  are
made available.  Several  members said we  should concentrate  on  TV,
with repetition, and  not divert resources  to radio or print.   Nolan
said that  our  marketing  problem  is  different  from  that  of  the
Republicans and Democrats, and that we need to have some print ads.
Various topics for  ads were suggested,  including the LP in  general,
social security, taxes,  drugs, education, and  women and guns.  Nolan
asked for a  show of hands  on the question of what should be produced
first. A slight  majority favored a general ad; among specific topics,
taxes was the favorite.
Various people suggested  use of a  professional for buying time,  and
testing the ads before giving them to the state parties.
13. MEDIA RELATIONS  COMMITTEE REPORT:  Johnson  submitted  a  written
report [Attachment F].  He said there was a need for more "experts" to
whom the media can be referred.  Givot suggested trying to get TV talk
shows to have 3-way panels.
13A. GUN ADVERTISEMENT:   Black moved to  suspend the rules  to  allow
John Vernon to  present a print ad proposal from the LP of California;
there was no objection.  Vernon presented the ad [Attachment R], which
would be placed  in a gun-oriented publication, and suggested that the
national LP might want to share the expense; no action was taken.
14. INTERNAL EDUCATION  COMMITTEE REPORT:  Segal  submitted a  written
report [Attachment G].  She said that there are uncataloged videotapes
from Jim Turney  that could be useful for internal education, and that
she is still  looking for somebody  to run a speakers'  bureau.  Givot
moved to repeal  Resolution 151 (requiring  speeches to be approved by
the APRC); the motion passed.
15. AFFILIATE PARTIES  COMMITTEE REPORT:  Gingell  submitted a written
progress report [Attachment H] and additional material [Attachment S].
She reported on  her surveying of state chairs, and mentioned that she
had  run  into   problems  in  using   Marshall  Fritz's  system   for
Gingell reported on  the search for a Field Coordinator, and asked for
comments on the  five applications that  were received.  There  was  a
discussion of the  purpose of this position.  Dehn said this should be
resolved before approving  the budget item.   Several people said that
the job was  vague; it was  suggested  that  part  time  or  temporary
helpers might be  hired as specific  problems are identified.  Gingell
said that there  are 8 states  which already have specific  needs  for
help, and 13 others who are interested in some way.  Dasbach said that
a cheerleading-type of  field person would not help state parties stay
active; the parties  need help with  getting members, having things to
do, and with  organization and skills.  Ahmad suggested evaluating the
results achieved by the half-time coordinator we had this year.  Thies
pointed out that  Resolution 63 calls  for  a  Field  Coordinator  and
specifies what kind  of help should  be given  state  parties.   Givot
moved to repeal Resolution 63; the motion passed.
written report [Attachment T].  In reply to a question from Walter, he
reported that he was working on identifying potential winning races in
Idaho, Utah, New Hampshire, and possibly Texas.
15B. BUDGET COMMITTEE  REPORT (part 1):   Fielder moved to  amend  the
1989 budget by increasing the following expense items:
     Office Rent and Utilities   by $4000 to $24000
     Clipping Service            by  $500 to  $2000
     Postage and Shipping        by $2000 to $14000
     LP News Expense             by $1500 to $37500
     800 Line                    by $1200 to  $4500
In reply to  a question from Dasbach, Fielder explained that there was
sufficient underspending in other categories and various extra revenue
to cover these  expenses, even though  the budget would be in deficit.
The motion passed.
Fielder presented a  review of the revenue categories contained in the
proposed budget for  1990 [Attachment I],  to let the  Committee  know
"how much money we're going to have".
[The meeting recessed  for the day  at 6:13pm, and was  called back to
order by Dave Walter at 9:14am Sunday.]
15C. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE  REPORT (part 2): Allard reported that after
discussing the question  of membership categories  with various people
she was withdrawing the proposals contained in her written report, and
instead  moved  to   amend  Resolution  89  to  replace  "basic"  with
"contributing", to delete the clause about instant members, and to add
"individuals who sign the oath but have not sent money shall be called
'members', and also to repeal Resolution 195.
She explained that  under this plan  the "contributing" category would
be the lowest  category that would  be counted as dues, and that there
would be no effect on convention delegate eligibility or allocations.
There was a discussion of various advantages and disadvantages of this
plan.  It brings  the terminology into line with the bylaws and avoids
insulting people by  telling them they  have "expired".  Dues  revenue
might decrease, we will have to change the wording in renewal notices,
and the meaning  of membership trend  graphs might be affected.  There
was some discussion of how to handle members who have not responded in
a long time.   At the request  of Alexander, the question  was divided
into two parts; both parts passed.
take up this  subject out  of  order;  there  was  no  objection.   He
reported that the  APRC had considered  three  items  since  the  last
meeting, and requested  that $200 be budgeted to cover phone costs for
this committee in 1990.
15E. BUDGET COMMITTEE  REPORT (part 2): Discussion of the revenue side
of the 1990 budget continued.
Givot moved to  eliminate the percentage-based  service fees for SFACs
and to charge them the actual cost of providing services.  He objected
that the BAC had to pay more for use of the list than would an outside
user.  Black stated  that taking  a  percentage  of  the  revenue  was
contrary to the  purpose of having SFACs.  Several members pointed out
that there are  additional costs associated  with SFAC revenue  beyond
just providing the  list: processing incoming mail, preparing reports,
and the effect  on general fundraising  mailings  to  the  same  list.
Givot's motion passed by a vote of 11:4.
Givot moved to  increase the minimum  dues to $20 as  of 1 July  1990.
Allard objected that  an increase would  conflict with her approach of
trying to increase  member satisfaction at  this  time.   Givot  cited
increased costs, and  specifically the switch to a monthly LP News, as
justification for an  increase.  Ahmad moved to postpone consideration
of a dues increase until after discussion of the LP News expense.
Discussion of the  LP News began  with various  members  pointing  out
advantages of a monthly publication.  In general it was felt that this
would be of benefit to ordinary members, although it was reported that
this was not considered a high priority by some state chairs, and that
other projects such  as TV might  be more important.  Fielder  pointed
out that we had no bid for bimonthly publication.
Walter moved to  accept the figure of $66000 contained in the proposed
budget.  Gingell moved  to amend the  amount to $60000, the  amount of
the bid for  monthly 8-page issues, and suggested that we could decide
later in the  year to increase it.  The motion to amend and the motion
to adopt this figure passed.
Discussion of a  dues increase resumed, and Gingell moved to refer the
matter of  raising  dues  to  the  Membership  Committee  and  Finance
Committee to jointly report.  The motion to refer passed.
Walter moved to  add $1000 to the Torch Club revenue.  Alexander moved
to postpose consideration  of  revenue  adjustments  until  after  all
changes to the  expense side; the  motion to postpone  passed  without
Ahmad moved to  add an expense item of $200 for the APRC; there was no
In reply to  a question from  Givot, Walter explained that  the "State
Conventions"  item  was   intended  to  pay   for  national  officers'
attendance at state  conventions. Givot moved  to delete this item and
to add a  new item of  $5000 for testing TV  ads. On a motion by Ahmad
the question was divided.
Arguments in favor  of the state  convention  expense  were  that  the
national LP should  be represented, and  that the previous  chair  had
been able to  pay for this  because of his business. Arguments against
were that officers  could pay for  it themselves or the  states  could
afford it, that  the states are  more interested in "nuts  and  bolts"
help than attendance  by officers, that  there are LNC members  in all
parts of the country who could serve as representatives, and that this
would be similar  to the franking privilege of Congress. The motion to
delete the item passed.
Discussion of TV  ad testing included  issues of  the  importance  and
cost-effectiveness of testing,  when and where  to test,  whether  the
proposed amount would  be sufficient, and  whether budgeting for  this
was appropriate since  the ADC is  a SFAC.  Alexander moved  to reduce
the amount to  $3800; the motion  to reduce failed, and  the motion to
budget $5000 passed.
Black moved to  increase the Outreach  Projects item by $2000 to cover
expenses of the census project; the motion passed.
Walter moved to accept the proposed budget of $55000 for the Affiliate
Parties  Committee,  with   the  Committee  and  Coordinator  portions
combined into a single line of $43500.  Gingell explained that how the
money would be  split was not yet decided.  Ahmad moved to reduce this
line to by  $3200 to $40300.   Dehn objected to  the  existence  of  a
single line of  this magnitude, and said we should either allocate the
money for a Field Coordinator or not.  The motion to reduce the amount
failed on a vote of 6:6.
[The meeting recessed at 11:55am, and was called back to order by Dave
Walter at 12:05pm.]
Gingell moved to divide the $55000 Affiliate Parties total as follows:
$5000 for Affiliate  Parties Committee, $34000  for Affiliate  Parties
Coordinators, $4000 for Affiliate Parties Special Projects, $12000 for
Campaign '90; the motion passed.
Redpath moved to  add a line  for Interest Income of $2000 gross, $700
cost, and $1300 net; the motion passed.
Alexander moved to  increase the Membership Renewals line by $1000 and
the Torch Club line by $1000; the motion passed.
Walter moved to  call all pending  questions; the proposed  budget  as
amended [Attachment AA] was adopted.
Walter moved to authorize lending the ADC up to $2000 from the surplus
account for the purpose of finishing production of the initial TV ads;
the motion passed.
16. CONVENTIONS: LEI,  Inc. submitted a written report [Attachment J].
Givot said that  if we had  any  special  requirements  for  the  1991
convention we would  have to decide  by the next meeting, said that we
should decide soon  on a site  for the 1993 convention,  and announced
that he was resigning as chair of the committee.
Thies moved that  we consider bids  for the  1993  convention  at  the
summer 1990 meeting.   Walter suggested waiting  until after the  1990
elections to see  what areas are  interested; Givot  said  sooner  was
better than later.  The motion passed.
he was appointing Neale as committee chair.
16B. RESOLUTION ON  THE MIDDLE EAST:  Ahmad moved that  this  item  be
considered; there was no objection.
Ahmad moved that the following resolution be adopted:
   The Libertarian National Committee calls for an end to the
   "Special Relationship with Israel" on the grounds that no
   nation should be exempt from our Platform call for an end to
   foreign aid, nor should any nation be exempt from any standard
   of human rights which are applied to other nations.
Segal objected that  the problem is  one of  general  interventionism,
rather than something  special about Israel,  and suggested that state
parties might resent  LNC action  when  a  similar  proposal  for  the
platform had been  turned down by the convention.  Neale said that the
case was indeed  special, and likened  it to the relationship  between
Russia and Cuba.   Ahmad said that  the Indian Rights plank  had  been
handled in a similar way and then was approved by the next convention.
The motion passed.
17. FINANCE COMMITTEE  REPORT: Alexander submitted  a  written  report
[Attachment K].  There were no questions.
18. BUDGET: (see items 15B and 15E)
18A. FUTURE MEETINGS:  After informal discussion,  the following dates
and places were approved without objection:
   28-29 April 1990, in Austin
   11-12 August 1990, in San Francisco
   8-9 December 1990, in New York City
   Spring 1991, in Atlanta
18D. AUDIT REPORT: Fielder moved that this report be considered out of
order; there was  no objection.  Thies  reviewed  his  written  report
[Attachment U].
Thies moved to  amend Resolution 2 to read "The Treasurer shall see to
it that those  who handle receipts and disbursements be bonded." Givot
moved to table  this until we  know the cost of bonding; the motion to
table passed.
Thies moved to  amend Resolution 26  by substituting "a  statement  of
revenues  and  expenditures"   for  "a  statement   of  receipts   and
expenditures", substituting "a  statement of overdue  accounts payable
and  debt  outstanding   other  than   National   Committee-authorized
mortgages  or  leases   if  any"  for   "a  statement  of  outstanding
liabilities", and substituting  "summary pages  of  Federal  Elections
Commission reports and  income tax  returns"  for  "federal  financial
reports".  The motion passed.
Thies moved to  amend Resolution 26  by  inserting  "to  the  National
Committee" between "provide" and "a balance sheet", by inserting "on a
monthly basis, no  later than the end of the month following the month
to which these  statements pertain," before  "and  copies  of  summary
pages", and by substituting "no later than the end of the month during
which these reports  were filed" for "at all future National Committee
meetings". The motion passed.
Thies moved to  amend Resolution  55  by  inserting  "and  income  tax
returns"  between  "Federal   Election  Commission  reports"  and  "as
required by law".  The motion passed.
Thies moved to delete Resolution 134.  The motion passed.
Thies moved to delete part (1) of Resolution 234.  The motion passed.
Thies moved to  delete part (4)  of  Resolution  234  and  to  add  to
Resolution 26 "If  the Party has  overdue accounts payable or has debt
outstanding other  than  National  Committee-authorized  mortgages  or
leases,  then  the   Treasurer  shall  specifically  comment  on  debt
reduction efforts in monthly financial reports".  The motion passed.
Thies moved to  delete Resolution 245 and to add to Resolution 26 "The
revenue and  expenditure  statement  shall  contain  monthly,  monthly
percent-of-budget, year-to-date,  and  year-to-date  percent-of-budget
figures for each account".  The motion passed.
Thies moved to delete Resolution 314.  The motion passed.
Thies moved to delete "Treasurer and" from Resolution 216.  The motion
was tabled without objection.
18E. BALLOT ACCESS  COMMITTEE REPORT: Givot submitted a written report
[Attachment V].  He  said that in  1989 only 17.5% of the money raised
went to petitioning, and that he plans to depend on pledges, solicited
from people who have previously given to BAC.
He reviewed the  ballot status situation,  saying that  there  are  35
states to worry  about for 1992, 10 of which can be worked on now.  In
North Carolina, 51-92  is trying to  work out legal obstacles to their
funding a drive;  there has been  a miscommunication with  the  Kansas
party and he  is waiting for  them to put a  proposal in writing;  and
51-92 is going to be working on finishing Nevada.
In reply to  questions from Redpath  and Walter, Givot  reported  that
Kathleen Richman had been working as a tele-fundraiser for Paul Jacob,
but that commission  records  had  been  inadequate  and  had  led  to
confusion about the amount she was owed.
Givot also reported  that he will  be reporting to contributors on BAC
activities through articles  in  the  LP  News  rather  than  separate
mailings, and will  offer a $5  refund to anyone who subscribed to the
BAC newsletter.
In reply to  a question from  Ernsberger, there was a short discussion
of whether monthly  pledges are being  handled by the BAC  or  by  the
In reply to  a question from  Johnson, Givot said that  the 10  states
that can  be  worked  on  are  Kansas,  North  Dakota,  South  Dakota,
Nebraska, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Alabama, and Ohio.
19. REGIONAL  REPORTS:  Allard  (Region  1)  and  Johnson  (Region  8)
submitted written reports  [Attachments W and  X] and also  made  oral
comments.  O'Brien (Region  2),  Kirkland  (Region  6),  Crickenberger
(Region 4), Givot  (Region 7) gave  oral reports.   Thies  (Region  5)
submitted a written report after the meeting [Attachment BB].
20. LP NEWS  REPORT: Dehn reported  that Karl Hess says that a monthly
schedule won't work  unless we can get a second class permit, and that
Hess suggested we  print a single-copy  price on the  front.   O'Brien
moved to set  the price at $1.50.  Alexander moved to amend the motion
to make it  $2.50.  After some  discussion, the motions were withdrawn
amidst general agreement  that the Executive Committee could deal with
this if necessary.
Dehn also reported  that Hess wanted  the LNC to consider  the idea of
setting aside a page for paid statements.  It was observed that people
can already buy advertising space, and no action was taken.
22. MANAGEMENT AND  AUDIT COMMITTEE REPORT:  Redpath reported that  he
was exploring options  for medical insurance  for the  staff;  various
members suggested possible vendors.
Redpath moved to  delete Resolution 138  (Computer Committee), on  the
basis that the MAC can handle this function.  The motion passed.
Redpath moved to delete all but section (g) of Resolution 336 (Mailing
List Committee).  The motion passed.
24. COMPUTER COMMITTEE  REPORT: A written  report from  John  Famularo
[Attachment Y] was circulated.
27. LEGAL ACTION  COMMITTEE REPORT:  Bill  Hall  submitted  a  written
report [Attachment L] but was not present at the meeting.
Walter reported on  a problem caused  by someone continuously  calling
our 800 number,  and said  that  we  will  take  legal  action  if  it
continues.  Dehn  said  that  if  such  a  thing  happens  again,  the
affiliate parties should be warned, because the same person apparently
attacked the Oregon 800 number.
Walter reported that Bill Hall had resigned as chair of the committee;
several possible replacements were mentioned.
30. PROGRAM COMMITTEE  REPORT: Givot reported  that the committee  had
not been active,  but that there  were three topics on which drafts of
planks  should  be  prepared.   In  reply  to  his  question,  members
indicated whether they  wanted or did  not want to see planks on these
topics.  Opinion was  divided on "Abortion", overwhelmingly in support
of "Guns", and  there was no  interest either way on "Terms of Elected
31. RESOLUTION  ON  CHINESE  STUDENTS:  O'Brien  moved  the  following
     A Resolution Reaffirming the Libertarian Party Endorsement of
     HR 2712 and Urging Congress to Override the Presidential Veto
   Whereas, the Libertarian Party deplores the brutal massacre of
   Chinese students and others by the Chinese government and is
   outraged by the ongoing persecution throughout China of
   intellectuals, workers, students, and other critics of
   government oppression, and
   Whereas, the Libertarian Party is aware that Chinese nationals
   resident in the United States will in all likelihood face severe
   reprisals if they are forced to return to their country of
   origin, and
   Whereas, recognizing this fact the Libertarian Party at its
   Convention in September endorsed HR 2712 (introduced by Hon.
   Nancy Pelosi) which would waive the requirement on J-I visas
   that requires Chinese students to return to China for two years
   after completing their studies in the United States, and
   Whereas, despite its nearly unanimous approval by both houses of
   Congress, President George Bush has vetoed HR 2712 -- thereby
   revealing a deplorable lack of compassion and indifference
   towards the suppression of individual rights,
   Therefore be it resolved by the National Committee that the
   Libertarian Party reaffirms our endorsement of HR 2712 and
   condemns the veto by President George Bush; we call on all
   members of Congress to join together to override it as soon as
   that body reconvenes in January, 1990, and
   Be it further resolved that we commend the Hon. Nancy Pelosi for
   her efforts on behalf of the Chinese students.
The motion passed.
32. RESOLUTION CLEANUP:  Givot moved to  delete Resolutions 5, 29, 36,
46, 57, 69, 70, 124, 151, 157, 163, 173, 174, 177, 195, 198, 222, 223,
234, 246, 270, 270B, 290, 298, 300, 304, 314, 318, 322, 327, 332, 340,
and 341.  Givot  then moved to  postpone this to the  next meeting and
place it on  the agenda after  officer reports  and  before  committee
reports.  The motion to postpone passed.
The meeting adjourned at 3:11pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph W. Dehn III
   [attachments distributed with the agenda packet]
   A. Records of the 1989 National Convention
   B. Report on Mail Ballot of 22 September 1989
   C. Judicial Committee Rules
   D. Membership Committee Report
   E. Outreach Committee Report
   F. Media Relations Committee Report
   G. Internal Education Committee Report
   H. Affiliate Parties Committee Report
   I. Proposed 1990 Budget
   J. Liberty Triumphant Status Report
   K. Finance Committee Report
   L. Legal Action Committee Report
   [attachments distributed at the meeting]
   M. Convention Report Corrections (CompuServe message from Dehn)
   N. Charts of Membership and Income
   O. Treasurer's Report for October 1989
   P. Membership Committee Updated Report
   Q. Advertising Development Committee Report
   R. Proposed Gun Ad
   S. Affiliate Parties Committee -- Additional Material
   T. Affiliate Campaign Subcommittee Report
   U. Auditor's Report
   V. Ballot Access Committee Report
   W. Region 1 Report
   X. Region 8 Report
   Y. Computer Committee Report
   [attachments not previously distributed]
   Z. Records of the 1989 National Convention, as corrected
   AA. Adopted 1990 Budget
   BB. Region 5 Report