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New York Libertarian Party
State Committee
Minutes: November 20, 1999
Sloatsburg, NY

Present: Dave Harnett, Brad Arter, Blay Tarnoff, Caryn Cohen,  John
Audrey Capozzi, Bonnie Scott, Lloyd Wright (and son, Eric Wright), Jeff
John Reed, Jim Harris, Bridget Rutty (representing Central NY), Jim
(representing Queens), Bill McMillen (representing Albany), Jeff Doty 

Secretary's Report:
The Secretary's report was deferred until the next meeting due to
misplacement of handwritten notes.

Treasurer's Report:
We had $5,853 in our account at the end of October.  We will end November
approximately the same balance, given some expenses we must pay and the
monthly UNP money.

New Business:

New Chapters
The State Committee unanimously voted to accept Central New York County as
a new
chapter, with Bridget Rutty and Steve Gordon as officers.  Bonnie moved to 
accept Kings County as a new chapter; Lloyd amended this motion to read: 
"contingent upon their submitting their bylaws."  This motion passed with
nay vote.

National Convention Delegates
Jeff Doty will publicize the upcoming National Convention in the
newsletter, and
will ask for volunteers to be New York State Delegates.  The National
has 1,400 total delegates; 1,000 are based on membership and 400 are based
the votes in the last presidential election.  New York is eligible for 42 
delegates (30 + 12).

Free Web Site
There have been two offers made for free web sites.  Bonnie suggests that
accept the offer from the individual who has an ISP, as compared with the 
individual with a web server.  The State Committee will save $360 per year
switching.  Apparently the GOP offers its members web access for free;
there was
discussion regarding whether the LPNY could do the same.  Blay moved to
to Bonnie the decision regarding free web sites.  The motion passed

Essay Contest Proposal
Rich Cooper proposed that the LPNY sponsor an essay contest with prizes.
outlined this proposal in more detail via e-mail.  The State Committee
interest.  There was some discussion regarding possible prizes and costs.
moved to authorize $500 for an entire pilot project for one contest at
Cooper's discretion.  The motion passed with one nay vote.

National's "Key Issue" Question
Dave Harnett discussed a question sent to state chairs by National: "What
is the
single key issue for your state?"  There was some discussion of this
Bonnie proposed first amendment issues and police brutality.  Dave
about the interest among blue collar workers in upstate New York.  

Newsletter (Old Business):
Dave Harnett brought up possibility of going back to six issues per year,
would cost $4,200, much less than it did before recent cost-cutting
He also discussed sending it to lapsed members (1,400) and prospects
Dave explained that new prospects currently get one mailing from National.
can encourage them to sign a "non-initiation of force" statement and
instant members with National.  Bill McMillen and Bridget Rutty requested
names from their respective districts.  Jim Strawhorn also suggested that
send the newsletter to contacts from other organizations.  Dave stated
that the 
current difference in price between four and six issues is $2,800 versus
Caryn Cohen suggested giving free issues to people who sign up at OPH
Jeff Doty pointed out that, financially, it is better to mail the
newsletter in 
large numbers to people in a particular section.  Bonnie suggested
assigning one
person in each area to coordinate this effort.  Jim Strawhorn moved to
the newsletter to a bi-monthly mailing; this motion passed unanimously.
asked what to do about the 800 to 1,000 people who signed up as prospects
year.  Caryn suggested that a first issue to new prospects be an
to the New York Libertarian Party" Newsletter.  Then, prospects could
two "regular" issues.  Dave pointed out that if the new initial newsletter
out right away, we will need to send it first class.  However, he reminded
that we will need to develop the content of this issue first; in the
we will send three regular issues to new inquirers.  Bonnie volunteered to
Jeff develop the content of this issue.  Caryn moved that we send new
three issues of the newsletter at no charge.  This motion passed

Later in the meeting, Dave indicated that we can get a non-profit bulk
rate, but sometimes this mail takes much longer.  Our printer has a
rate permit.  The rate for non-profit is a $100 application fee and a $100 
yearly fee.  Blay moved to change to a non-profit rate; the motion passed 

More New Business:

Tim Slagle Videos
Dave discussed possibility of buying ten Tim Slagle videos for $12 each.
moved to purchase; the motion failed with one supporting vote.

New York State Convention:

Dave indicated that Jim put down a deposit on the Treetop Holiday Inn near 
Yonkers, which has a capacity of 80 people.  The train is ten minutes away
cab on the Hudson River Line.  The deposit is refundable up to one month
to the event.  We are still waiting for confirmation of the date by Harry 
Browne.  Jim has an alternative site: the Royal Regency Hotel.  We need to 
guarantee a minimum of fifty.  An event planner costs $800.  Our cost
would be 
around $76 per person (for fifty people), not including room cost of $89.
possible speakers are: Harry Browne, someone from a gun organization,
Christ, Mary Ruwart, Robert Leiderman, and John Fund.  Jim Strawhorn
contacting Carla Howell and Michael Cloud regarding ideas for publicity.
asked for a volunteer to chair a promotion subcommittee.  Jim S.
volunteered to 
contact Carla.  Jim Harris is now handling the entire convention.  We will
to set a date and location for the next convention.  Bonnie suggested
offering a
discount for people coming from out of state, similar to what was done in 

Later in the meeting, Blay asked whether we can get credit card capability
the State Convention.  Jim Strawhorn will ask Carla about this.

More New Business:

Request for Funding Motion
Blay Tarnoff made a motion in three parts:

1. The State Committee will issue official guidelines for requests for
to include the amount requested and a proposal.  The proposal should
include the
following: what you intend to do with the money (purpose), how you intend
spend the money (steps), and what you intend to accomplish (results).

2. The State Committee authorizes the release of up to $1,000 with an
vote if the majority of the State Committee members vote yes. (Thus, nine 
members are needed as there are now a total of 17 voting members.)

3. All members of the State Committee need to be notified of an upcoming
if done between meetings.  The Secretary and Treasurer will keep track of
vote totals.

There was some discussion of the above proposal.  Dave reminded the
that we are still waiting for a representative from Kings County.  The
would be expected to inform the Committee regarding our current financial
before a vote is taken.  Brad suggested that any proposal should go
through Dave
first, who would review it and pass it on to the Secretary, who would post
it to

The proposal (as stated in 1,2, and 3 above) passed with one nay vote.

Mayoral Race:
There was some discussion regarding Roy Innis' possible race for mayor.
He is 
looking for the endorsement of a major party, but is also a Libertarian
and has 
mentioned the possibility of running on the LP line.  He does not always
the Libertarian Party in his speeches, depending on his audience.

Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be held on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 10:00, at
Sloatsburg Rest Area. 

The meeting adjourned at 3:35 PM.

(Please submit agenda items for the next meeting, preferably via e-mail.

As requested, here are a list of commitments made at this meeting:

Kings County: 
Will submit bylaws to LPNY Secretary via snail mail or e-mail with no 
Will elect a representative to the State Committee and inform the
secretary of 
this person's name

Bonnie Scott: 
Will look into new free web site
Will work on initial newsletter issue with Jeff D.

Jeff Doty:
Will publicize National Convention in newsletter and request volunteers
delegates (can send names to Caryn via e-mail, if preferred)
Will publish newsletter six times per year
Will work on initial newsletter issue with Bonnie
Will send three free issues of newsletter to new prospects
Will switch to non-profit bulk mail rate

Richard Cooper:
Will coordinate pilot essay contest

Dave Harnett:
Will send new prospect names from their districts to Bill M. and Bridget
Will send names of new prospects to Jeff D. so he could send free issues
Will continue to try to confirm date of State Convention with Harry Browne

Jim Harris:
Will switch deposit to Royal Regency for Convention

Jim Strawhorn:
Will contact Carla Howell now to obtain convention suggestions and
re. credit card capability and will post these to e-mail list.

Caryn Cohen:
Will distribute State Committee Minutes soon after meetings
Will keep track of online voting for funding proposals

John Clifton:
Will inform committee via e-mail regarding current finances when there is
a new
online funding proposal