Drew Cook

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Drew Cook
Membership Director
Oklahoma Libertarian Party
June 28, 2020—present
Central Oklahoma Libertarian Party
July 25, 2020—
Predecessor: Richard Prawdzienski
Personal Details
Residence: Oklahoma City
Party: Libertarian

Drew Cook is a Libertarian activist from Yukon, Oklahoma. He is the current Chair of the Central Oklahoma Libertarian Party region, the Oklahoma Libertarian Party Membership Director, and a founding member of the Canadian County Libertarian Party (CCLP). He was an Oklahoma delegate to both sittings of the 2020 National Convention, online in May and again in July. Known as "The Clean Libertarian," Drew is a passionate critic of the war on drugs, an advocate for criminal justice reform, and host of The Clean Libertarian Podcast[1] .

Organizational Positions

Oklahoma Libertarian Party
  • Membership Director (2020-present)
  • Convention Committee (2019-present)
Central Oklahoma Libertarian Party
  • Chair (2020-present)


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