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Elizabeth Nolan dropped off this picture at the Grand Opening of the LP National Headquarters in Alexandria. She also provided these notes:

From notes attached to picture of Dave Nolan and his mother Dallas Nolan: Picture taken at the Tower of London in April 1943  

Paging People” column from THE TIMES HERALD in Washington, D.C., dated June 4, 1953 which showed only a picture of Dave…


David Nolan, who lives in Kensington, London used to live in Kensington, Md.,...He cheered the coronation and may get to cheer another…His father John Lester Nolan*, is director of the American library at the American embassy in Grosvenor square…The Nolans have been overseas since last July… They have another two years abroad before their tour of duty is up…David, who goes to an English school, says it’s just like the old P.S. at home, except he wears a uniform…David rather likes uniforms… His favorite “military” tog is sported by the Yeoman Warders at the Tower…Beefeater, what?

• Dave’s father, Lester, was the Head of Research at the Library of Congress when he retired and his mother, Dallas, taught English at the National Cathedral School for Girls.

Elizabeth Twilley Nolan

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