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Ed Thompson
Ed Thompson 39 big.jpg
Mayor Thompson at his desk in 2001
Tomah, Wisconsin
April 15, 2008—April 20, 2010
Personal Details
Birth: December 25, 1944
Elroy, Wisconsin, USA
Death: October 22, 2011(2011-10-22) (aged 66)
Tomah, Wisconsin, USA
Party: Libertarian Party
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Allan Edward "Ed" Thompson (December 25, 1944—October 22, 2011) was the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Wisconsin in 2002. He received 11% of the vote. He was elected mayor of Tomah, Wisconsin in April, 2000 with 58% of the vote, and again in April, 2008. His older brother, Tommy Thompson, was previously Governor of Wisconsin, United States Secretary of Health and Human Services and has announced his intention to run for President of the United States in 2008. He also came within 1% of winning a state senate seat in 2010.

Ed Thompson was the subject of the documentary A Remarkable Man.

On April 5, 2005, Ed Thompson won an unexpected victory in the city council election in Tomah, Wisconsin.

It was unexpected because Thompson wasn't running for the position. He had recently decided not to run for re-election for his position as chairman of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, and was actually planning to take a break from politics.

Although he didn't know it, Ed Thompson was the subject of a write-in campaign. He would receive 31 of 34 votes. His "opponent", John Buick, received one vote from Thompson himself.

When Thompson first heard the news of his victory, he immediately declined the position. But days later, Thompson said, "I am honored by the confidence the people of Tomah have shown by electing me to serve them, and I would be shirking my responsibility and duty if I were to decline.

"I received just a deluge of phone calls, asking me to reconsider. And when I thought about all the people who don't get involved in politics, and how often I've told people they really should get involved in local politics, I had to say yes."

Thompson was sworn in on April 15, 2005 and served two years on the Tomah city council.

Electoral History

  • 2002 Race for Governor
    • Jim Doyle (D), 45%
    • Scott McCallum (R) (inc.), 41%
    • Ed Thompson (Lib.), 11%

Preceded by:
Jim Mueller
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate
Succeeded by:
Terry Virgil
(for Lt Governor)

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