Jennifer Moore

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Jennifer Moore
Upper Providence Township
November 7, 2017—Incumbent
Personal Details
Education: Grand Valley State University
Residence: Mont Clare, Pennsylvania
Party: Libertarian
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Jennifer Moore is a Libertarian from Mont Clare, Pennsylvania.

On November 7, 2017, Moore was elected Auditor for Upper Providence Township in Montgomery County.[1]

At the State convention on March 7th, 2020, She was nominated to run for Auditor General.

Having worked nearly 20 years in finance, her experience as an elected Auditor in her township, (also serving as Chair of the Auditor committee), offers just a small demonstration of her work ethic. Her willingness to step into a leadership role was demonstrated by stepping into the role of Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania's Eastern Vice Chair, and excelling in that position.

In 2019, she recruited and helped elect the largest number of Libertarians, in the nation, for Pennsylvania. She gained the notice of the National Committees during her management of the 2020 paid petition drive which was responsible for 35% of the signatures enabling our statewide candidates to appear on the ballot. After this work, she was recruited to the National Libertarian Party Ballot Access Committee.

Pennsylvania needs an independent person to evaluate government spending, and Jennifer Moore will take her record of success and ensure that it is done with We The People, in mind.

By the end of her tenure as Chair, she helped more than 210 Libertarians become Elected Libertarians over the course of her time in LPPA Leadership.

2017 Upper Providence Auditor Campaign


  • Libertarian Party Radical Caucus[2]

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
  • Eastern District Vice-Chair (March 4, 2018—May 15, 2021)
  • Chair (May 15,2021—March 4, 2022)
Libertarian Party
  • Ballot Access Committee (August, 2020—present)