Jilletta Jarvis

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Jilletta Jarvis
Jilletta Jarvis.jpg
Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
September 2016—present
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party
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Jilletta Jarvis is a Libertarian candidate and State Executive Officer in New Hampshire.

Jilletta has been an active member of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party and is an Executive Committee Officer:

  • LPNH Secretary
    • elected in special election September 2016 (completion of 2016 term until annual convention elections)
      • Ran the 2016 LPNH Annual Convention which brought in more attendees than in the previous 10 years (prior to that cannot find attendance numbers)
    • re-elected in annual convention March 2017 (1 year term)

Gubernatorial Candidate

  • Ran as an Independent in New Hampshire's 2016 [1]- did not get on ballot due to ballot access restrictions and gave her support to the Libertarian Candidate. Still received write-in votes.
  • Running as a Libertarian in New Hampshire's 2018 election[2]

Other activity Jilletta is involved in:

  • Works at JPMorgan Chase as a Compliance and Regulatory Learning Project Manager
  • Active Candidate Support for New Hampshire candidates for office
  • Active LPNH outreach to community members
  • Volunteer for community events/needs