Joe Hauptmann Campaign Leadership Award

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Awarded to a campaign volunteer by the Libertarian Party of Indiana who has worked above and beyond in an extraordinary fashion, and has significantly contributed to the success of a campaign.

Founded For

Joseph Hauptmann

Award Winners

Year Awarded Recipient (First, Last) County
2022 Danny Lundy Morgan
2021 Lauri Shillings Hamilton
2020 Kristi Avery Allen
2019 Jeff Maurer Hamilton
2017 Jeremiah Morrell Henry
2016 Angela Fisher Marion
2015 Michael Sandridge Lake
2013 Miah Akston Johnson
2012 Allison Maguire Marion
2012 Evan McMahon Marion
2012 Chris Gault Marion
2011 Dan Drexler LaPorte
2010 Paul Morrell Rush
2010 Jerry Titus Howard
2009 Melanie Hughes Floyd
2009 Allison Maguire Marion
2009 Tim Maguire Marion
2005 Sheri Conover Sharlow Grant