Ken Bisson Outreach Award

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Awarded to a party member of the Libertarian Party of Indiana who has strived to spread the message of libertarian principles to as many potential voters as is possible.

Founded For

Ken Bisson

Award Winners

Year Awarded Recipient (First, Last) County
2022 Cassandra Rolon Kosciusko
2021 Sam Goldstein Hamilton
2020 Chuck Pullen Lake
2019 Lucy Brenton Hamilton
2019 Danny Lundy Morgan
2018 Dakota Davis Henry
2017 Rodney Benker Johnson
2016 Rodney Benker Johnson
2015 Donna Dunn Lake
2014 Andrew Horning Owen
2013 Chris Spangle Johnson
2012 Rupert Boneham Marion
2011 Rex Bell Wayne
2010 Jerry Titus Howard
2010 Paul Morrell Rush
2009 Doug Horner Allen
2006 Mike Sylvester Allen