Kevin McCormick

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Kevin McCormick
2nd Vice-Chair
Arizona Libertarian Party
with 1st Vice-Chair Jonathan Winder
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Education: Ohio University
Occupation: Software Developer, Entrepreneur
Residence: Phoenix, Arizona
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: Facebook
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Kevin McCormick is a software developer and entrepreneur from Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently 2nd Vice-Chair of the Arizona Libertarian Party.

In 2016, McCormick ran for President of the United States, seeking the Libertarian Party nomination. He placed 6th on the 1st Ballot, losing to Gary Johnson.[1]

On September 14, 2017, McCormick announced his campaign for Governor of Arizona, seeking the Libertarian nomination.[2]

2016 United States Presidential Campaign

2016 Libertarian National Convention

2016 Libertarian Party Nomination for President of the United States 1st Ballot (50% of Delegates needed to win)
Name Votes Percent
Gary Johnson 458 49.51%
Austin Petersen 197 21.30%
John McAfee 131 14.16%
Darryl Perry 63 6.81%
Marc Allan Feldman 58 6.27%
Kevin McCormick 9 0.97%
NOTA 5 0.54%
Ron Paul (Write-in) 1 0.11%
Vermin Supreme (Write-in) 1 0.11%
Heidi Zemen (Write-in) 1 0.11%
Derrick Grayson (Write-in) 1 0.11%

2018 Arizona Gubernatorial Campaign


  • Bill Weld, 68th Governor of Massachusetts. 2016 Libertarian Nominee for Vice-President.[3]