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Since 2006 there has been more than one set of terms that an article might be available under here. This policy is meant to document and expand this to meet present and future needs as understood by the LPHPC.

Default Terms

As of March 2017, all newly created untagged articles are by default under the terms of CC-BY with attribution assigned to LPedia. Work is underway to tag all legacy articles that will not be available under the new default.


Text articles made available under these terms should not normally need to be tagged as such at this time.

All file, media, and image uploads to be available under these terms MUST be tagged as such.

General Terms for Use

These terms are proposed to be available for use by any authorized editor of this wiki.

Public Domain

This is the proposed default set of terms. For jurisdictions that do not recognize a release to the public domain, the terms of the Creative Commons Zero licence are to be used. This Tag should also be used for content that was already in the public domain.

{{Public Domain}}

Creative Commons Attribution

Authors of memoirs, photos, media, and other documents that are likely to have only one meaningful contributor may opt for CC-BY using this tag to clarify the assignment of attribution.


This is owned by NAME OF OWNER REQUIRED and is controlled by the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

{{CC-BY-Owner|John Galt}}

Special Case Terms

Legacy Default

When this wiki was created it was under the terms of CC-BY-NC-SA for all new content. This was expanded to resolve a situation with incompatible terms, and is not a set of terms that the HPLPC wishes to use moving forward. Much of the content of this wiki was written under these terms, however, and in many cases it is impossible to contact the authors of copyrightable contributions to get the terms changed. In many cases, the content written under these terms should probably be rewritten, as this is the most restrictive of LPedia's historical licences.


Wikipedia CC

Tag for articles imported from Wikipedia -- and only Wikipedia -- after the licence change in 2009.


This article is based on a Wikipedia article and is controlled by version 3.0 of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA).


Be sure to also ensure that an admin can (and does!) import the entire article revision history from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia GFDL

Much of the early content of LPedia started off as Wikipedia content, which at the time was using this licence. No new Wikipedia content will be using this given the change of Wikipedia's terms in 2009, unless you're exclusively using edits prior to the licence change as a basis.


This article is based on a Wikipedia article and is controlled by version 1.2 or later of the the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).



Content originating from Conservapedia is under the terms of that wiki.


This article originates from or includes content from Conservapedia ,
and is controlled by the terms listed here.


All Rights Reserved

Some copyright holders of content of priority interest to the LPHPC may choose to limit the extent to which their materials may be used. This tag should only be used for static content and only under the supervision of the LPHPC.


ERROR:OWNER MUST BE SET does not permit reuse, alteration, or redistribution of this content. Permission is granted only for use here.


LNC Permission

Items reproduced by permission of the Libertarian National Committee.


This is a publication of the Libertarian National Committee, which has given permission to post this content on LPedia.org

{{LNC Permission}}

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