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This article documents a general plan currently being developed by the LP Historical Preservation Committee to rotate Featured Articles more frequently.

You may suggest specific articles for consideration by adding them to the Featured Articles Suggestions list.


We should switch the Featured Article much more frequently than in the past, no less often than once a month. A reasonable target for now would be no less frequently than we have HPC meetings (about every two or three weeks). If we can build up the queue of suitable articles, we should be able to speed this up even further than that.


Basic idea: Alternate among articles of various types, to give visitors and contributors a sample of the range of topics covered by LPedia, and to avoid boring people who aren't that interested in any one particular type.

Article Types:



Following is a sample queue. The idea is that this will be a tentative list of which articles will be featured next. Articles should only be added to this list if they are "good enough" to be used as a Featured Article. (But this is a sample list for now, to illustrate the idea - not all the articles listed here are actually good enough.) The list can be changed at any time, including inserting additional articles before ones already there if they are somehow "better", "more ready", or if they would improve the mix. But it serves as notice so that anybody who thinks one of these is not good enough can object, or work on it to make it better.

Whatever is the top article in this list can be considered "approved" as the next Featured Article, and the appropriate admin can make that so whenever the current Featured Article has been up for the target amount of time.

Libertarian Party of New York - needs image
Libertarian_Party_of_Kings_County_(California) - let's get some pre-2016 info in there
Mises Caucus - this seems to be just a copy of stuff on their web site
Document:Memoir 2001 David Nolan Reflects on the Libertarian Party on its 30th Anniversary
Historical Preservation Committee