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The Libertarian National Committee or LNC for short, is a body of representatives elected at convention by Libertarian delegates who are pledge-signing members of the party to manage the affairs, properties, and funds of the national Libertarian Party for them between conventions. During the 2012-2014 term it consisted of 18 members -- the four party officers, five at-large members, and nine regional representatives (along with alternates).



Portrait Name Position Tenure
Geoff Neale Fossil Creek 2008.jpg Geoff Neale Chair 2012—2014
RogerLeeWrights2015.jpg Lee Wrights Vice-Chair 2012—2014
David Blau Secretary 2012—2014
Hagan, Timothy.png Tim Hagan Treasurer 2012—present


Portrait Name Position Tenure
Michael Cloud At-Large 2012—2014
Redpath, William.png Bill Redpath At-Large 2012—2014
Hinkle, Mark.jpg Mark Hinkle At-Large 2012—2014
Starchild At-Large 2012—2014
Vohra, Arvin.jpg Arvin Vohra At-Large 2012—2014


Libertarian National Committee
as of May 2012
Region 1 Representative

Norm Olsen

Region 1 Alternate

Tony Ryan

Region 2 Representative

Vicki Kirkland

Region 2 Alternate

Richard Schrade

Region 3 Representative

Jillian A Mack

Region 3 Alternate

Sam Goldstein

Region 4 Representative

Dan Wiener

Region 4 Representative

Brett Pojunis

Region 4 Alternate

Scott Lieberman

Region 4 Alternate

Audrey Capozzi

Region 5N Representative

Rich Tomasso

Region 5N Alternate


Region 5S Representative

Jim Lark

Region 5S Alternate

Scott Spencer

Region 6 Representative

Dianna Visek

Region 6 Alternate

Michael Knebel

Region 7 Representative

Gary Johnson

Region 7 Alternate

Paulie Frankel


Date Location
6 May 2012 (post-convention) Las Vegas, Nevada
15-16 July 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada
17-18 November 2012 Arlington, Virginia
16-17 March 2013 Rosemont, Illinois
14 July 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada
14-15 December 2013 Dallas, Texas
1-2 March 2014 Arlington, Virginia
26 June 2014 (pre-convention) Columbus, Ohio


Executive Director Carla Howell
Operations Director Robert Kraus
Member Services & Affiliate Relations Manager Casey Hansen
Special Projects Nick Dunbar
Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist Bob Johnston
Associate Editor and Technology Developer Eric D Dixon
Member Services Specialist Molly Schwoppe

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