Libertarian Party of El Paso County

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Libertarian Party of El Paso County
General Information
Jurisdiction: El Paso County, Colorado
Status: Active
Chair: John Angle
Vice-Chair: Amy Lunde
Secretary: VACANT
Treasurer: John Hjersman
Website: Website
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter

The Libertarian Party of El Paso County is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

Executive Committee

Past Officials, Staff, and Other Contacts

Robert Berdais, secretary (2000?-2001), fundraising (2000?-2001)
John K. Berntson, chair? (1999-2003)
William Blair, secretary (c. 2003)
Steve D'Ippolito, chair? (2000?-2002?)
Ed Duffett, vice-chair (1/2021-4/21)
Nathan Foutch, chair
Nancy Graves, treasurer (c. 2004), activities and protocol (c. 2002)
Ken Fitzpatrick, vice-chair (2000?-2001)
Carol Geltemeyer, secretary (c. 2002), activities and protocol (2001-2002?)
Pat Glidewell, treasurer (c.2004), secretary (c. 2001)
Ross Glidewell, chair (2002-2004), outreach (2000?-2002?)
Scott Graves, chair (2004-?), vice chair (2001-2004)
Steve F. Gresh, public relations (2000?-2001), fundraising (2001-2003?)
Desiree Hickson, media (2001-2002)
John Hjersman, treasurer
Greg Lauer, vice-chair (4/2021-)
Patrick Lilly, media (c. 2004)
Jeff McQueen, secretary (c. 2004)
Betsy Miller, webmaster (2000?-2003?)
Crystyna Page, secretary
Arthur Roberts, advertising (c. 2002)
Rob Roberts, vice-chair (c. 2004), outreach (c. 2004)
Mike Seebeck, outreach (2002-2003), media (2002-2003)
John Seetch, campaigns (2000?-2002?)
Mike Shifflette, treasurer (2000?-2002?)
John Thomas, membership (2000?--2003?), campaigns (c. 2002)
Collin Wheeler, website (c. 2003)
Jessica Wheeler, treasurer (2002?-2003?)
Jeff Wright, chair (c. 1995)

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