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The Libertarian Transparency Caucus is an unofficial caucus of the Libertarian Party. It was founded in 2008 by Mike Seebeck, Paul Frankel, and Thomas Knapp. It is currently inactive as a caucus, but its legacy and impact lives on within the Libertarian Party.

Caucus Positions

  • The Libertarian Party leadership and operational structure exists for the benefit of the members, and not the other way around.
  • As such, we hold that:
    • the operations and proceedings of the Libertarian Party at all levels should be completely open to all members.
    • operating in secrecy or outside open lines of communications damages the Party and creates cliques within the Party, as well as serves as a foundation for unproductive and unnecessary infighting and purges.
    • operating in secrecy or outside open lines of communications leads to corruption within the Party and derails it from its political mission.
    • we honor the spirit of the Dallas Accord, which unified the minarchists and anarchists, because the Dallas Accord while serving as the foundation for the Party also discourages such secret cliques and groups within the Party.
    • Party meetings should be available to all members, not just those attending in person, and that the right to broadcast Party meetings to the membership around the nation shall not be infringed or denied by the Party.


The turmoil of 2008 surrounding outspoken LNC At-large Member Angela Keaton, after the tumultuous 2008 Libertarian National Convention that almost split the Party, was a primary reason for the formation of the caucus. In September 2008, the idea of the caucus formed when the Libertarian National Committee meeting in Washington DC was covered in Independent Political Report as well as the internal controversy and infighting within the LNC, caused primarily by the perceived-to-some clique known to this caucus as the "Starr Chamber". In December 2008 the controversy involving Ms. Keaton came to a head at the LNC Meeting in San Diego. It was there that the Transparency Caucus became official with the LNC meeting being webcasted live to the nation by Mr. Seebeck and Tweeted by Mr. Frankel and Mr. Knapp to both Twitter and IPR. The Caucus remained active into 2010 and eventually went inactive when the webcasting of LNC meetings and conventions became the norm, accomplishing at least that part of its original mission, which continues to this day. The Transparency Caucus never officially disbanded, and its founders are still active in and around the Libertarian Party in various ways.