Brief Summary of Libertarian Stances on Issues

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This page will attempt to provide very brief summaries of the most basic tenets of libertarianism. Remember however, if you get one Libertarian in a room you will have 3.7 different opinions.


Libertarians are divided on whether or not there is a moral right to abortion but agree that the government should stay out of the question. Even if abortion is aggression, the government is not the solution to all problems and it would be impossible to prohibit abortion without violating rights in the process. The Party platform recognizes good faith positions on many sides.


While there are a number of solutions proposed as to how to establish currencies within a libertarian society, the most popular is to allow the market to decide. This means that most likely a number of currencies will exist, and compete, hence allowing individuals and businesses to choose what currencies they trust in, if any.


Libertarians hold that individuals own their bodies and thus are the only ones with authority to restrict what they put into their bodies, and thus oppose all drug laws.


Libertarianism generally espouses a true free-market ideology. This means a market with no government interventionism, unlike what passes as a "free market" nowadays. Libertarians oppose protectionism and tariffs, preferring instead to allow true free trade both within and outside of any national or local borders.

Foreign interventionism

Libertarians generally oppose any and all foreign interventionism.

Government or the State

The Libertarian Party is agnostic on whether or not a government (more precisely a state) is necessary in Libertopia. That debate is reserved until that is the only issue left to resolve. See Dallas Accord.

Human rights

Libertarians believe strongly in equal rights for all humans. This includes opposition to slavery as well as ensuring that bureaucrats and politicians are never allowed to decide who can and cannot be married.


Freedom of movement is a basic right, subject only to restrictions placed by owners of justly acquired property. Nations do not own property or borders and thus, there should be no restrictions on the free movement of peaceful people across borders to property where they are welcome.

Self defense

Libertarians understand that freedom can only be achieved by people who are able to defend themselves. To this end, we are strong defenders of the right to bear arms and oppose all gun control laws.


Some minarchist libertarians find taxation to be wrongful coercion, but unfortunately necessary. The Libertarian Party has always held that taxation is theft and a form of slavery. All libertarians favor at least less taxation, and the majority favor an end to all taxation, including tariffs, over time - the disagreement is whether or not it is possible to ever completely eliminate all taxation.


This is only a small subset of things. Others are welcome to expand on it in a mature and intelligent manner over time.