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Life Member (or Lifetime Member) is a category of membership in the national Libertarian Party (and some state & local parties). The terms can differ by party. The first Lifetime Member was Luke Zell.

National-party membership

By the terms of the national Libertarian Party, this is 1 of of the 10 tiered levels of membership (not counting 'Other'). Lifetime Members receive a lifelong subscription to the LP News & Lifetime Member pin. The due is $1,500 in a 12-month period.[1]

When the Party was first formed, there were two levels of Life Membership: Life and Sustaining Life. Tim Barrus was the first Life Sustaining Member. Luke Zell was the first Life Member.

1972 Life and Life Sustaining Members

1973 Life and Life Sustaining Members

State-party membership

(under construction) See Libertarian Party Membership.