List of National Chairs

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This is a list of people who have served as Chair of the national Libertarian Party.

Group photo at the 2018 convention, L-R: Geoff Neale, Jim Turney, Jim Lark, Nicholas Sarwark, Mary Gingell, Bill Redpath, Steve Dasbach, Mark Hinkle


Name Tenure
David Nolan 1971-1972
Susan Nolan 1972-1974
Ed Crane 1974-1977
David Bergland 1977-1981
Alicia Clark 1981-1983
Paul Grant 1983-1985
Randy VerHagen 1985
Jim Turney 1985-1988
Dave Walter 1988-1991
Mary Gingell 1991-1993
Steve Dasbach 1993-1998
David Bergland 1998-2000
Jim Lark 2000-2002
Geoff Neale 2002-2004
Mike Dixon 2004-2006
Bill Redpath 2006-2010
Mark Hinkle 2010-2012
Geoff Neale 2012-29 June 2014
Nicholas Sarwark 29 June 2014-12 July 2020
Joe Bishop-Henchman 12 July 2020-present