Pennsylvania Convention 1994

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Pennsylvania Libertarian Party State Convention
Dates: March 11—13, 1994
Location: Pennsylvania
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The 1994 Pennsylvania State Convention was from March 11—13, 1994.


The following resolution, submitted by J. Hugh Ohdner, was passed in a 20—11 vote:

"BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian party of Pennsylvania takes no position on the abortion issue. The party hereby affirms that while it does not take a position on the issue, it supports the right and freedom of all individuals and candidates to hold their own views on the issue, provided that they do not represent their own viewpoints as being the party's position."

Ohdner gave his reasoning in a paper presenting the resolution for consideration:

All Libertarians hold in common the conviction that the initiation of the use of force against another human being is wrong and immoral. Libertarians believe that all human beings have an inherent right to Life, Liberty, and Property, as long as they do not deprive others of those same rights. The abortion issue is not an issue of choice (for all mature free persons have the ability to choose) but an issue of defining when human life begins. Determining when human life begins is a scientific, philosophical, spiritual, and religious issue. It is not a mere political issue. The purpose of this resolution is to allow all Libertarians to hold their own views on the abortion issue without committing them or the party as a whole to any one position. It allows Libertarians to concentrate on what they believe in common by defusing a divisive issue which is keeping many potential Libertarians from supporting or joining the party.


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