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A Libertarian Party Precinct Committee Person represents the Libertarian voters of his or her precinct at the local level, and also serves as a counselor to new or prospective party members. These Committee Persons are the face of our party within the precincts, and, in many cases, might be the only party official a voter ever meets. The Libertarian Committee Person’s job is, in essence, all about helping to spread Libertarian values of Freedom, Peace and Prosperity, and in turn, grow the Libertarian Party and deliver the maximum number of votes from his or her precinct, township or ward on Election Day. These volunteers comprise the core of any grassroots effort and no political campaign can be successful without these frontline Libertarian ambassadors. Many people begin their political involvement as a Committee Person. It’s the perfect place to get started for anyone interested in building a better Libertarian Party and advancing Liberty in our communities, state and country. Simply put, the more of you we have throughout our region, the more elections we will win, and the more Freedom will triumph.

The Committee Person’s job is really just an extension of what most people already do; talking to their neighbors. The difference is that the members of the Precinct Committee become a titular part of a statewide and nationwide team of activists, with the added prestige of holding 'elected' status as well as being granted the privileged status of Voter Registrar. (in the counties wherein we are an established party).

With continual support and guidance of our Political Division, our Committee Persons will be given the tools and instructions needed to become a libertarian leader and advance our platform principles of Less Government and More Freedom. A few example of Precinct Committee Person activities are:

  • Identify libertarian–leaning voters
  • Register new voters and encourage them to vote
  • Distribute libertarian and/or campaign literature
  • Participate in state–wide grassroots initiatives
  • Carry out local party activities