Presidential Candidates 2016

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Candidates At Convention

Name Background State Campaign Announced Campaign Ended
Gary Johnson
(Running mate- Bill Weld)
29th Governor of New Mexico
2012 Libertarian Presidential nominee
New Mexico archived website 4 January 2016 8 November 2016
Nominated 29 May 2016
Austin Petersen Founder of the Libertarian Republic Missouri archived website 6 September 2015 29 May 2016
Finished 2nd on the Second Ballot
John McAfee
(Running mate- Judd Weiss)
Founder and CEO of McAfee Inc Tennessee 24 December 2015 29 May 2016
Finished 3rd on the Second Ballot
Darryl Perry
(Running mate- Will Coley)
Owner and Editor at Free Press Publications New Hampshire 29 May 2016
Finished 4th on the Second Ballot
Marc Allan Feldman Anesthesiologist at The Cleveland Clinic
2010 Libertarian Party of Ohio nominee
for Ohio Attorney General
Ohio archived website 5 January 2015 29 May 2016
Finished 5th on the Second Ballot
Kevin McCormick Software Developer and Entrepreneur Arizona 29 May 2016
Finished 6th on the First Ballot

Other Candidates

Name Background State Campaign Announced Campaign Ended
Rhett Smith Security Officer Texas 2015 29 May 2016
Received one write-in vote on the Second Ballot
Joy Waymire Ranch Foreman California 2015 13 April 2016
(Withdrew- endorsed John McAfee)
Cecil Ince Actor, Director, Producer Missouri 2015 17 March 2016
Suspended Campaign
Steve Kerbel Businessman and Political Activist Colorado archived website 27 August, 2015 16 March 2016
(Withdrew- endorsed Gary Johnson)

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