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Richard V. Campagna
Personal Details
Occupation: Attorney
Residence: Iowa
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Richard V. Campagna of Iowa City, Iowa was the vice-presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in the 2004 U.S. presidential election. Campagna was chosen at the 2004 Libertarian National Convention along with Libertarian presidential nominee Michael Badnarik.

Campagna resides in Iowa. He works as a businessman, consultant, and attorney, and is an active proponent of existentialism.

Campagna holds degrees from Brown University (B.A.), New York University (M.A.), St. John's University (J.D.), and Columbia University (M.A.). Campagna has a doctorate degree from American College of Metaphysical Theology, an alternative educational choice, which he opted for after completing virtually all of the requirements for a traditional doctoral degree from various well known institutions such as Columbia University Teachers College and the University of Iowa.[1] [2].

In 2002, Campagna ran on the Libertarian ticket for lieutenant governor of Iowa with gubernatorial candidate Clyde Cleveland; together, they placed fourth, receiving 13,098 votes, or 1.3% of the total vote cast.

In mid-2003, Campagna became the first candidate to enter the race for the Libertarian Party's vice-presidential nomination (the Libertarian party chooses its presidential and vice-presidential nominees in convention on separate ballots). He defeated his closest competition, Missouri libertarian Tamara Millay, on the first ballot at the May 2004 Libertarian National Convention.

The presidential ticket of Badnarik and Campagna placed fourth in the 2004 presidential election, earning just over 400,000 votes nationwide.

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