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Ryan Davidson
Libertarian Party of Idaho
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Ryan Davidson is one of three Ada County Commissioners[1] and Liberty Advocate in the Idaho Republican Party as well as a past Libertarian Party of Idaho Chair.

Personal life

Davidson was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and went to Maples Collegiate. Davidson has lived in the Garden City area since 1995.[2]

Libertarian Party chair

The Libertarian Party of Idaho was the most active in its history when Davidson was chair in the early 2000s.[3] [4] They fielded candidates for most of Idaho's constitutional offices in 2002[5], a feat that hasn't been done since.[6]

Davidson chalked up the reason for all the activity was "I think term limits and all the other issues that angered people have inspired a lot of people to run."[7]

The party voted to support Term limits under him.[8]

Davidson was 24 when he served has chair.[9]

Lobby Idaho[10]

Dealt with 3 initiatives that where pro marijuana in the Wood River Valley towns of Hailey, Sun Valley, and Ketchum.

They also attempted to recall the mayor of Ketchum.[11]

Idahoans for Liberty

Davidson has been chair since the group has been founded in 2007.[12] They are still active today and focus on educating people about liberty and liberty minded candidates (no matter what party).

They played a major effort in getting Norm Semanko elected chair of the Idaho Republican Party ousting the governor's choice; J. Kirk Sullivan.[13][14]

They were heavily involved in getting Ron Paul supporters to run for precinct committeeman to over turn Idaho Republican caucuses, 2012 that went to Mitt Romney to Ron Paul at the Idaho Republican Party State Convention 2012.[15] Paul disavowed these efforts in a statement.[16] It ultimately failed at the Idaho Republican Party State Convention 2012.[17][18]

They were also involved in getting several rules and resolutions to the 2018 Winter Meeting of the Idaho GOP, one of which was a resolution honoring the late Jack H. Stuart (which was later revealed to be originally authored by Davidson himself) that was passed by the State Central Committee of the Idaho GOP.[19]

Madison Project

Davidson headed up Madison Project efforts for Idaho Falls attorney Bryan Smith to win the Republican primary against incumbent Mike Simpson.[20][21]

Bryan Smith lost the election only able to get 38.4% of the vote.[22]

Roles in the Idaho Republican Party


Ran for Ada County Sheriff has the Libertarian Party nominee in 2000, he took third with 4,720 votes. (4%)[46]

Ran for Garden City, Idaho city council in 2001, he took sixth with 188 votes. (5.3%)[47]

Ran for Garden City, Idaho city council again in 2003.[48]

Ran against incumbent Ada County coroner Erwin Sonnenberg in the Republican primary where he took third with 4,578 votes losing to Sonnenberg and also Nerissa Campbell.[49]

Davidson won against Davidson L. Haworth with 60.8% of the vote in the Republican primary.[50]Davidson defeated Democratic incumbent Diana Lachiondo with 69.7% of the vote becoming Ada County Commissioner for District 1.[51]

Ada County Commissioner

Davidson voted against the appointment of Matthew Clifford for Ada County Sheriff when Steve Bartlett resigned.[52]

Davidson pushed and vote for Dr. Ryan Cole to the Central Health District, wanting an outsider on the board.[53][54]


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