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Signs of Texas Liberty PAC, or SIGLIB was started in 2005 with the intent of providing consistently branded signs for broadside level (paper, name, and low-chance active) candidates. It is currently organized as a federal committee only, and state level candidate support has been delegated to a newer committee, Texas Candidates for Liberty PAC.

The inspiration for the sign template was Carl Milsted's Economy of Scale Project.

Signs of Texas Liberty has provided approximately 2500 signs including support for 18 different candidacies as of August 2014, including:

  • James Werner's 2006 gubernatorial race
  • Opposition to proposed amendment 15 to the Texas constitution in 2007
  • Three US Senate candidates seeking nomination at the 2008 Texas state convention.
  • Three Gubernatorial candidates seeking nomination at the 2010 Texas state convention.
  • Multiple candidates for US Congress in 2012 and 2014.

In addition, 100 sign templates, with just the Libertarian statue of liberty inside a blue L were produced and 75 of them distributed at the 2006 Texas LP State Convention on the Houston/Humble city limits. As intended, these sign templates have been used outside of the control of the PAC, and what they have been used for is difficult to know. Some were observed in political demonstrations in 2007 and 2008.

Templates screen printed later in 2008 can be observed in the Alex Jones documentary The Obama Deception with the message END THE FED.

Three statewide candidates seeking nomination in 2008
James Werner for Governor, November 2006

Resource Disc

Also at the 2006 state convention was a small number of discs with graphics and a 2005 PDF presentation that had been handed out at the 2005 state party conference. There have been multiple updates, and the current draft can be accessed here.

  • First Edition (The Humble Disc) June 2006 (Distributed only at LP Texas 2006 convention just outside of Houston)
  • Second edition (The Denver Disc) May 2008 (Distributed only at LP 2008 national convention in Denver)
  • Third Edition (The Fossil Creek Disc) June 2008 (Debuted at LP Texas 2008 convention in Ft Worth)
  • Fourth Edition (The Vegas Disc) May 2012 (Debuted at LP 2012 national convention in Las Vegas)
  • Fifth Edition (The Columbus Disc) June 2014 (Debuted at LP 2014 national convention in Columbus)
  • Sixth Edition (The Bolingbrook Disc) September 2014 (Debuted at LP Illinois 2014 convention)

The second and third editions were very similar and introduced the screen printing tutorial.

The fourth edition was the first with an actual cover and HTML interface, but was very poorly distributed.

The fifth edition has an improved, far more comprehensive HTML interface generated with a specialized application named Guadalupe, after the former office address for the Libertarian Party of Texas.

The sixth edition added more non-SVG content, four historical presidential race buttons, an improved simple tutorial, and other fixes and additions.

Current plans are for the subsequent editions to be produced by Libertarian Statue Press.

Current and former PAC members

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