Tri-Counties Libertarian Party

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Tri-Counties Libertarian Party
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General Information
Jurisdiction: Montgomery, Christian, Shelby and Sangamon Counties, Illinois
Established: 2015
Chartered: 2017
Dechartered: 2022
Status: Dissolved
Chair: Jake Leonard
Vice-Chair: John Broux
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Chris Gleason
Website: Website
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter

Tri-Counties Libertarian Party was an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Illinois founded in 2015, reaching out to Liberty-minded individuals in Montgomery, Christian and Shelby counties.

As of June 2019, Tri-Counties has multi-district representation in the following state and Federal legislative districts:

  • Illinois House: Districts 95, 96 & 102
  • Illinois Senate: Districts 48 & 51
  • U.S. House: Districts 13 & 15

Early days (2015-2017)

Plans for the chapter began in January to establish a local affiliate of the party with the initial reach being Montgomery and Christian counties. Shelby County was added in May 2016 following the addition of new members to the state party.

Although there were some struggles to gain membership locally, a major push was attempted during the summer months in 2016 to get the required membership for recognition with the state party.

The party attained recognized status with the party in April 2017.

Capital Area consolidation into Tri-Counties and 2022 dissolution (2017-2022)

Due to the inactivity of Capital Area Libertarian Party, Tri-Counties received a request from the party's field operations division in October 2017 to take them in indefinitely. While an inactive chapter, Capital Area is currently considered an sub-affiliate of Tri-Counties.

The addition of Capital Area expands the current chapter territory to Sangamon County, three Illinois House districts, two Illinois Senate districts and an additional Congressional district. In October 2018, the Capital Area chapter was given control to the Field Operations Division of the Libertarian Party of Illinois for redevelopment.

Following the 2022 Libertarian National Convention, the three active officers voted to dissolve the chapter for the remainder of 2022.

Montgomery County established, pending re-establishment

Montgomery County became an established county as a result of the 2022 Illinois Attorney General race, where nominee Dan Robin received 5.29 percent of the vote[1], surpassing the 5 percent threshold for major party status at the local level.

Leonard is working on re-establishing the former Tri-Counties chapter as ChrisMont Libertarian Central Committee, which will only focus on Montgomery and Christian counties. Formation of the committee will occur following the 2024 Libertarian primary to elect precinct committeepersons at the county convention in April.

Executive Committee (as of 2022 dissolution)

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Name Position
Jake Leonard Chair
John Broux Vice-Chair
Vacant Secretary
Chris Gleason Treasurer
Vacant Fundraising Chair
Vacant Membership Chair

Former leaders

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