Trisha Butler

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Trisha Butler
Butler-Trisha 2021.jpg
Council Member
City Council (Ward 12) of Clarksville, Tennessee
January 1, 2021—
Personal Details
Residence: Tennessee
Party: Libertarian
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Trisha Butler is currently a member of Montgomery County affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee (LPTN) and a candidate for LPTN State Chair in 2021. She was a delegate seated with the delegation of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee at the National Convention 2020. Butler joined the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania in 2016 and has been active in the LPTN since 2017 serving as secretary, treasurer, and at-large officer in the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County. She was also selected to be the elector for Jo Jorgenson in Congressional District 7, Tennessee.

On November 3, 2020 , Trisha Butler was elected to represent Ward 12 on the City Council of Clarksville, Tennessee, and assumed office on January 1st, 2021[1]. She is married and has four children.

2020 Clarksville City Council Campaign

Electoral Results

2020 Clarksville City Council
Ward 12 (Vote One)[2]
Party Candidate Percent Votes
Non-Partisan Trisha Butler 32.62% 1792
Non-Partisan Jon Lockwood 11.23% 617
Non-Partisan Jo Shakeenab 30.56% 1679
Non-Partisan Guy Standford, Jr. 12.83% 705
Non-Partisan Adam Walker 5.88% 323
Non-Partisan David Webb 6.48% 356
Write-In 0.40% 22