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Thank you for the help

You've been dropped from ASI MOO. Do you have a good page of the 500 most recent changes for when I flood the FIFO with 300+ bans I'm working on?

-- Strangelv 01:05, 10 April 2012 (UTC)

Assembly Line

Here's how I've been doing it:

1: Center-click the links to open in new tabs. I try to keep attack articles separate from attack user accounts from IP addresses. Sometimes I separate user namespace attacks from main namespace attacks, but I've found the space occupied by the delete tabs for both, reducing the need for that.

2: Press the delete link; ^Tab to go to the next one. I frequently don't wait for the result to show on my page before moving on to the next tab. In fact, I often don't even wait for the page I moved to and performed the paste or click or push to show up before doing it again and moving on to the next one. Sometimes it's 10 tabs or more before I'm no longer looking at one I did half a minute ago. I usually get away with this. It's also why I make sure things are selected in groups where I don't need to see the page to know where to click or press. 8)

3: Paste in the reasons. You disagree, but I do this anyway. ^Tab to change to the next tab in the sequence, tab tab to go to and highlight the default reason I don't want, then ^V in the string 'SPAM'

4: There is no step 4 for deletions

2: De-select 'block anonymous users only'. Like the default reason, I wish this was something I could change.

3: Paste in 'infinite' for accounts and the number of days for IP addresses. I only use the pull-down menu when it's going to be faster to do it for all of them than typing 'infinite' without making a typo.

4: Paste in 'SPAM' for the reason

5: Press the button

And as you said: after lathering: rinse, repeat. 8\

--Strangelv 22:59, 17 April 2012 (UTC)