Andrew Liuzzo

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Andrew Liuzzo
City Councilman At-Large
Jamestown, New York
January 1, 2018—January 1, 2020
Personal Details
Party: Republican Party (?—2019)
Libertarian Party (2019—present)

Andrew R. "Andy" Liuzzo is a former Jamestown, New York City Councilman At-Large (2018—2020) and the Libertarian Party's candidate for mayor of Jamestown, New York in 2019. He switched to the Libertarian Party on September 22, 2019.

Political Campaigns

Jamestown City Council, 2017

Liuzzo ran for Jamestown City Council At-Large in 2017 and won as a Republican. He switched to the Libertarian Party while in office.

Jamestown Mayor, 2019

Liuzzo was the Libertarian nominee for Mayor of Jamestown. He was nominated after he lost the Republican primary to the then-County Republican Chair David Wilfong. Both Wilfong and Liuzzo were defeated by Democrat Eddie Sundquist.