Broadside Candidates

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Broadside Candidates make up the bulk of the LP's candidates in a given election cycle. Most Libertarian Party candidates are generally some form of broadside candidate.

A consistently offered ticket of low-probability candidates serves to provide voters with an alternative to the top two parties as well as demonstrate our level of organization and prove our viability, providing a baseline for targeted race candidates to stand on and work with.

It's important to remember that the Democrats and Republicans run paper candidates too, it's just that theirs win more often.

Name Candidate

A name candidate has volunteered to place their name on the ballot and nothing else. They are completely inactive. Some treat this as a type of paper candidate.

Paper Candidate

A paper candidate is a minimally active candidate. Ideally, these candidates should respond to interviews, surveys, and other opportunities to represent the party.

As they have no expectation of winning, it is ideal for them to focus on the party's views rather than seeking compromise positions that some might feel could improve their chances of winning.

Active Candidate

Covering the spectrum from paper to targeted is the low-probability active candidate. These candidates operate races designed for maximum impact and visibility, seeking out opportunities to promote themselves and the Libertarian Party.