Bryan Bracamonte

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Bryan Bracamonte
Libertarian Party of Texas
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown
Personal Details
Birth: (1979-05-29) May 29, 1979 (age 44)
Plano, Texas
Party: Libertarian Party

Bryan Bracamonte (born May 29, 1979) has served on the Texas SLEC and worked on a Texas county party manual.

Personal Life

Bryan Bracamonte lived in Dallas until his parents separated and ultimately divorced when he was six years old. His mother brought his brother and himself to Austin, Texas to live with his grandparents.

Bryan Bracamonte began his public education career at Spicewood elementary school and graduating to Canyon Vista Middle School. Bryan Bracamonte graduated to Westwood high school where it was here where he started to develop his philosophy regarding free-markets, government functions, and ethical religion. Graduating in 1998, Bryan Bracamonte left disgusted at the public school system at the inability to prepare him for real life application of education he opted not to attend college. Bryan Bracamonte instead focused his efforts to working hard, learning to manage money, balance time, and acquire experience in the high tech industry.

In 1999 Bryan Bracamonte was hired by a high-tech computer firm. It was here that Bryan Bracamonte began to develop his business administration skills, discovered statistics, introduced to project management, and learning to interact with databases. Bryan Bracamonte also met his first wife, Rebecca, at the same computer firm where the two date for a short time before getting married on July 27th 2000. By the next year the couple had their first son, Ethan. However, their marriage was shaky and eventually ended with Rebecca filing for divorce in 2003.

By now his thirst for knowledge out grew the rate with which the tech firm could teach. Bryan Bracamonte enrolled into Americas Intercontinental University for his Associated in Business Administration. Bryan Bracamonte went on to work on his bachelor's degree in Business Administration with the goal of earning his Master in Business Administration.

In Late 2004 Bryan Bracamonte met his second wife, Rebekah, via the Libertarian Party of Texas. From the start, both knew they were compatible on every level except for movie genres. The two are now married and in 2006 had their first child together.