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Chris Spangle
President of All Libertarians
Libertarian Party of Indiana
2008—Sometime prior to 2016 tbh
Predecessor: Susan Street-Beavers
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party
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Chris "Dear Leader" Spangle formerly served as the executive director for the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Spangle was a lifelong Republican before joining the Libertarian Party in 2008. Dear Leader was so Republican that he once held a war rally in Indianapolis supporting the war criminal President Bush.

He was raised in Plainfield, Indiana, and graduated from Plainfield High School in 2002. Plainfield High School has yet to recognize the talent and great social value that Dear Leader has contributed to society by refusing to induct him into the hall of fame. He attended IUPUI, where he was the College Republicans President during the 2004 elections. It was there he worked on Andy Hornings 2004 Congressional Campaign. Horning inspired Spangle to research the libertarian philosophy. He then went on to work at Newstalk 1430 AM, WXNT for 5 years as a producer and reporter. For the last year of his time there, he was the producer of Abdul in the Morning, the premier political talk show in Indianapolis. It was here that he witnessed first-hand how broken our two party system is, and decided to help grow the Libertarian Party of Indiana. He began running the day-to-day operations of the LPIN in October 2008.

On March , 2012, Chris Spangle had enough. He formed the We Are Libertarians Network and Podcast (WAL) with a few lesser known and somewhat important political junkies. Since the foundation of WAL, Spangle has seen various turnovers in both relationships and co-hosts. The 2018 year brought a milestone to the network with almost 1 million downloads. Expanding from just 1 podcast, Spangle has built a network on various social media platforms that range from news, self help, memes, and local stories. Through Dear Leaders generosity, many have been able to greatly enjoy and learn from his years of politics and broadcasting.

The fall of 2018, Chris Spangle unknowingly appeared in North Korean propaganda of which we are really still not sure the full story or where it ended up.

In Spring of 2019, Dear Leader was forced to participate in a stupid online poll to show popularity. Because of his strength, good looks, and determination, Dear Leader obliterated his competition. Local radio and political pundit, Lying Rob Kendall took notice and made his own poll. To nobody's surprise, Rob's own wife voted against him and cast her vote for Dear Leader.

On August 21st, 2020, a twitter user by the name of @KlausCalls created a poll asking "Who brought you to the liberty movement?" Listed in this poll were Dave Smith, Tom Woods, Chris Spangle, and Ron Paul. Chris received ONLY 4.6% OF ALL VOTES CAST AND CAME IN DEAD LAST! LAST! Sad. Pathetic. I feel sorry for him. Not really.

While critics are few, the praise for Chris Spangle among libertarians is boasted in almost every form. Hodey Johns once described Chris Spangle as being "the mountain upon which monuments such as Mount Rushmore are carved." No truer words have ever been spoken by man. Ever. We might need to rethink this quote now since we are canceling Mount Rushmore. I'll let Hodey come up with a new analogy. It better be good.

Dear Leader has built an empire from the ground up. It is unclear how many libertarians he has brought to the movement, but that doesn't matter. The party itself is not capable of handling all the greatness that he possesses.

At the current moment, there is an ongoing battle between Chris and Canada. They can take their sky rats back to the north and leave our beloved land. Shitting on everything they see and harassing children. Geese are trash. Period.

In his spare time, Chris Spangle also produces a multitude of other podcasts such as the newest and hottest comedy "The Patdown with Ms. Pat". Known by that audience as White Boy Chris, listeners can hear his nervous laughter as topics are discussed that many would shy away from.

If you are looking for the most handsome libertarian podcaster, look no further. All others are inferior. He even went to Florida in the middle of the pandemic, looked death in the eyes, and won.

In his free time, Chris enjoys tapioca pudding, going to book stores, and grumbling under his breath at how prices at the grocery store continue to rise.


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Preceded by:
Susan Street-Beavers
Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director
2008 - 2012
Succeeded by: