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Dan Fishman
Executive Director
Libertarian Party
Predecessor: Wes Benedict
Successor: Tyler Harris
Personal Details
Education: BSCS UMass Boston
Occupation: Executive Director of the national Libertarian Party
Residence: Maryland
Website: http://www.fishdan.com
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: [@fishdan Twitter]
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Dan Fishman is the current Executive Director for the national Libertarian Party. He was the Executive Director for Libertarian Party of Massachusetts from 2018-2019 and the Political Director of LPMA from 2012-2018.


Fishman graduated from the UMass Boston with a B.S. in Computer Science. Fishman worked for Anyday.com, the progenitor of the online Calendar. While there Fishman was awarded several patents critical to the early fusion of the internet and mobile technologies.


Dan Fishman has run for public office a total of 5 times. He has run for US Congress in 2012, Senate in 2013, City Council in 2013, State Rep in 2016 and State Auditor in 2018. He also served as Political Director for the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts and was the Northeast Director for the Johnson/Weld campaign in 2016.

Fishman for Auditor

Dan Fishman helped to secure ballot access for the LPMA when, while running for Auditor Fishman got over 108,000 votes in Massachusetts. During the campaign Fishman became the first Libertarian to be endorsed by Massachusetts' largest paper, the Boston Globe. Fishman was also endorsed by the 2nd largest paper in Massachusetts, the Worcester Gazette Telegram.

LP Executive Director

Fishman at 2020 Maryland State Party Convention

In 2019, Dan Fishman was hired to become the LP National Executive Director starting on April 15, 2019. As Executive Director he has made many public appearances on behalf of the Party

Preceded by:
Wes Benedict
Libertarian Party Executive Director
Succeeded by: