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Minutes  of the Meeting of the  Libertarian National Committee 
April 16-17, 1994 The Quarterage Hotel   Kansas City, MO  64111 
1. The meeting was called to order at 9:00am. 
2. Announcements and discussion of Federation of Independent Parties convention being 
    held in Washington D.C. this weekend. 
3. Credentials: 
         National Committee Members in attendence:
  Steve Dasbach       Chair           James Dan     Region 1 
  Karen Allard      Vice-Chair      Bill Evers       Region 2 
  John Famularo    Secretary       Thea McLean    Region 2 
  Hugh Butler     Treasurer           Joe Hauptmann      Region 3 
  Sharon Ayres     At Large         Gary Ilardi      Region 4 
  Tamara Clark     At Large         Dan Karlan      Region 5 
  Ron Crickenberger  At Large     Joseph Brennan   Region 6 
  Gary Johnson    At Large           Robert Franke    Region 7 
                                                   Joe Barnett     Region 8 
  Don Ernsberger At Large

  Jesse Markowitz   Region 5 
  Jeanne Bojarski    Region 7 
  Tom Passwater       Region 8

  Perry Willis National Director 
  Bill Winter Communications Director

4. Approval of Minutes of December 11 -12, 1993 meeting

    Corrections - Page 5,  5th line from bottom replace addenda with agenda 
                     Page 17,  APRC report second sentence should read: 
                                  Some dismay that one piece of the Project Healthy Choice ..

     Motion to approve the minutes passed without objection.

5. Setting Adgenda

 6 Check of Paperwork

All reports were provided in writing. Most were sent to the LNC prior to the meeting. 
The minutes from December 11-12, 1993 were approved with minor corrections. The agenda was approved with a few additions.

The Chair provided two progress reports to the LNC. One addressed the LNC goals which were adopted in December 1992 (7 pages). The other addressed goals set by the Executive Committee in October 1993, which had served as the basis for the 1994 budget (4 
pages). Both reports are available from the Chair (via email)  upon request.

The Chair reported that 1993 revenue was $767,085, about $7000 over the projection given at the December 1993 LNC meeting. Total 1993 expense was $744,582, yielding a surplus for the year of  $22,503. At the end of August, 1993, the Party had shown a  deficit for the year of -14,443. Year-to-date 1994 revenue as of March 31 was reported well in excess of budget projections, while year-to-date expenses were running below budget. The FEC fine was 
negotiated from a proposed $13,800 to $10,500 and has been paid.

Several changes to the Policy Manual were approved, including a  new description of LPHQ responsibilities, a revised position description of the National Director, a revised organizational 
structure, and a provision to allow any LNC member to attend or audit regular business meetings (via telephone) of the Executive Committee at their own expense. The Marketing Area was eliminated because these activities are now being handled by LPHQ. The 
Political Organizing Area was split into Affiliate Support and  Campaign Support Areas.

Executive Committee minutes have been distributed for all meetings except for the most recent (April 10, 1994) meeting.

National Director Perry Willis began his written report to the LNC with the following statement: 
"The Chair's charge, backed by the Executive Committee, has been for me to take the time to save time; to streamline all of the HQ's procedures and to fix all of the office's long standing 
problems permanently, rather than temporarily. I was to find cures rather than apply band aids. And I was also told that if this necessitated letting a few things back-up temporarily while 
other things were fixed permanently, so be it."

Willis reported that the first floor has been cleaned out and organized. It is now being used to store and control inventory. The support staff now occupies the second floor while the 
National Director, Director of Communications (Bill Winter), and our intern (Mike Chase) occupy the third floor. Willis reported that five "courtyards" of accumulated junk have been thrown out, and described other improvements. Also, we have installed exit lights and working smoke detectors, as required by the Fire Marshall. Willis reported that the office move will take much more money than previously thought, and will need to be delayed until after the fall elections. The money already budgeted for this purpose has been set aside for our eventual move.

Willis reported that the first draft of the procedure manual is also complete. Cross training of staff is continuing and should be completed this summer. Willis also detailed our long-term 
staffing and equipment priorities.

Willis reported that Release 14 of the database has now been installed and tested. With Release 14, we can now keep track of our activists as part of our regular database, can automatically generate labels for "The Libertarian Volunteer", and can track the performance of each individual letter in our membership renewal cycle. Release 15 should provide for daily production of membership cards, split list testing of mailing, FEC automation, the development database, and integrating the friendly media list.

The office has begun keeping a project log and error log. The database is now being backed up daily; the accounting system is also being backed up on a regular basis. A second fire-proof safe has been purchased to protect our back-ups, unanswered mail, unprocessed contributions, inquiries and address corrections.

Our first two FEC reports (due in 1994) were both filed early. The staff is working to automate the process. All tax related items are up to date.

Willis reported that our direct mail strategy has been enormously  successful, both at raising revenue and keeping our members and subscribers informed about our plans and progress. Telemarketing income is below budget, but that should be remedied as soon as we are able to transmit the information our telemarketing contractor needs to generate new cards. This is a top priority item for the Director.

All membership renewal and inquiry response materials have been revamped by Willis and Winter. A real info pack has been produced for the follow-up mailing. The next step is to incorporate the info pack into the initial mailing from the 800-number company so that inquiries get everything they need to make a decision about joining within a few days of calling.

Three new/revised brochures have been produced and printed: 
     "What Happened to the Family Budget" 
     "Working to Cut Your Taxes" 
     "Solving the Health Care Crises"

The number of Libertarian office holders is up to 116, the highest verified number in the Party's history. Willis closed his written report with the following statement:

"We have come a long way despite a great many distractions. Fortunately, I won't be moving again this year, the office arrangement is settled, we have more staff, new tools, and the 
critical part of the training process is behind us. We should be able to accomplish even more between now and the August meeting, I look forward to writing my next report, and sharing the good news with all of you."

Winter provided a packet to each LNC member, which contained: 
1. Report from the Director of Communications (3 pages) 
2. Media Contact List (January 1 - April 14, 1994) 
3. Log of Miscellaneous Communications Tasks (April 11-14) 
4. $1,000,000 Outreach Project Kit (Tax Day) 
5. Revised inquiry response materials (preliminary). 
6. Contact Information for LP State Parties (updated 4/13/94) 
7. Libertarian Party National Committee (updated 4/13/94) 
8. Libertarians in Office Around the U.S.A. (updated 4/7/94) 

Summary of April LNC meeting in Kansas City 
Date: 18 Apr 94  21:37:22 

He also answered questions from the LNC. Several Regional Reps reported very positive comments about Winter's work from state chairs in their regions.

Treasurer Hugh Butler presented financial statements for 1993, and Jan-Mar 1994, and answered questions.

Financial Auditor Thea McLean reported on her trip to LPHQ. No problems were found. She stated that we should investigate moving from modified cash to accrual accounting, effective January 1 of some future year.

Secretary John Famularo reported on his efforts to acquire liability insurance for the Party. He has only been able to obtain liability insurance for LPHQ premises. He introduced a 
motion to incorporate the Party. After extensive debate, the motion was defeated. Several members of the committee indicated that we did not have enough information about the ramifications of incorporation to proceed with incorporation. Famularo and the 
Executive Committee will continue to investigate the issue of liability.

Convention Oversight Committee chair Dan Karlan updated the LNC on unresolved issues from the 1993 convention and plans for the 1996 convention. The COC will prepare bid specifications for the 1998 convention and publish them in time to present a recommendation to the LNC at the April 1995 meeting. The LNC plans to award the bid no later than the August 1995 meeting.

Development Area manager Sharon Ayres updated the LNC on plans and progress in the Development Area.

Affiliate Support Area Manager Karen Allard presented a ballot access update. Drives are in progress in Indiana, Wyoming, Massachusetts, and Arizona. Problems related to nominating in 
1996 have been resolved in all but five states: Florida, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maine, and Oklahoma. A favorable Secretary of State ruling on this issue in Washington state has been sent to some of the affected states. Lobbying and legal action will proceed until the issue is resolved in all states. The LNC endorsed Ed Clark and David Bergland as our substitute 
Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates, respectively, in those states which require candidate names on the petitions. The portions of the North Carolina lawsuit that we lost are being appealed.

Allard, together with Field Organizer Joseph Knight, presented plans to spend six weeks this summer in North Dakota rebuilding the state affiliate there. Several members of the LNC expressed concern that this would not be a good use of Party funds but most were supportive. All expressed the desire that measurable goals be established and data collected so that the project could be evaluated.

Campaign Support Area Manager Ron Crickenberger presented his report. A draft candidate training manual was circulated to the committee. The LNC discussed the criteria for funding winnable races and how those decisions are made. Thus far in 1994, money has been sent to Tamara Clark's state senate race, and John Reda's state representative race. Both qualified for funding based on their performance in their last election. A videotape compilation of TV ads has been produced and will be available for sale from LPHQ later this year. Joe Knight has presented several candidate training seminars which have been well received.

Dan Karlan reported on the Sal Guzetta candidate training workshop that will be held in Harrisburg, PA. Guzetta provided the candidate training at the LP convention in Salt Lake City.

Every Regional Representative submitted a written report on activities in their region. Most of the time was spent discussing Howard Stern's campaign to receive the LPNY nomination for 
Governor of New York.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00am Sunday morning. Allard  moved to suspend the rules to consider additional Policy Manual amendment. The motion was approved.

Allard moved to amend the new section of the Policy Manual that provided for LNC members to attend Executive Committee meetings. Allard's amendment limited this to regular Executive Committee meetings. It was pointed out that there were times when the Executive Committee had to meet on an emergency basis and it would be virtually impossible for the LPHQ staff to notify all LNC members. The motion was approved.

Dasbach moved to amend the Policy Manual to provide for a contingency fund and to replace the ability of the Executive Committee to increase budget line items within specified limits 
with the ability to increase budget line items with a corresponding reduction in the contingency fund. The motion was approved.

The chair submitted the following appointments to the LNC for advice and consent:

Recording Secretary      Gary Johnson        LNC At Large 
General Counsel:         Bill Hall           former Region 3 Rep 
Legal Action Committee:  Joe Hauptmann       Region 3 Rep 
Program Committee:       Mike Tanner         CATO Institute 
                         Dr. Cecil Bohanon   Ball State Univ. 
                         Rick Sincere        LPVA State Chair 
                         Kathleen Richman    Laisse Faire Books 
Adv. & Publ. Review      Bill Evers          LNC At Large 
                         David Bergland      1984 VP Candidate 
                         Joe Dehn            former LNC Secretary 
Candidate Support Area   Ron Crickenberger   At Large

All appointments were approved. [A complete organizational chart 
was submitted to the committee and will be published separately].

Joe Barnett submitted a resolution to create a Strategic Planning committee. During the discussion, the Chair outlined the strategic planning efforts that were already underway. After 
discussion, the resolution was defeated.

Bill Evers submitted a resolution opposing the Clipper Chip system. After discussion, the resolution was approved.

Evers submitted a resolution opposing the enactment of the proposed Digital Telephony Act. After discussion, the resolution was approved.

Gary Ilardi submitted a resolution calling on the LNC to institute education conventions in the years when regular conventions were not being held. Several members of the committee 
supported the idea of having conferences during odd numbered years, but expressed a preference for smaller conferences all around the country, rather than a single convention. Several members supported the idea of having conferences organized privately, rather than by the LNC. After discussion, the resolution was defeated.

Evers submitted a resolution opposing the bombing of Bosnia. Concern was expressed that the members of the committee did not have copies of the resolution. Hauptmann moved to postpone consideration of the resolution until copies were available. The motion to postpone was approved.

The topic of the next meeting was introduced. The Chair explained that when he had gone over the agenda with the Secretary, there had been no bids submitted. Based on the resolution adopted at the December 1993 meeting to hold all meetings in Washington D.C. unless the LNC accepted an alternative bid, the Chair directed Willis to make arrangement to hold the next meeting in Washington. It turned out that a bid to hold the August meeting in Atlanta had been submitted to the Secretary, but this had not been communicated to the Chair. Willis explained that there would be penalties associated with canceling the contract with the 
hotel. The Atlanta bid was not formally introduced and the committee voted to accept the arrangements already made.

Allard moved to suspend the rules to reconsider the resolution adopted at the December, 1993 meeting to hold future meetings in Washington, D.C. The motion to reconsider was approved. After discussion, the resolution to hold future meetings in Washington  D.C. was defeated.

Evers distributed copies of the Bosnia resolution. Hauptmann introduced an amendment which was defeated. After discussion, the resolution was approved.

Ayres moved to set all December budget meetings in Washington D.C. After discussion, the motion was approved.

The Chair introduced a list of interim goals to replace those adopted by the LNC in December, 1992, pending the development of new goals as part of an ongoing process of strategic planning. Bob Franke offered a friendly amendment to revise the numbering of the goals so that those with measurable outputs were listed prior to those where only inputs were measurable. The amendment was accepted. After discussion the list of goals was approved. 
[This list of goals will be published separately]. 
    Goal #1: REVENUE 
     Increase annual revenue from $767,085 in 1993 to $ 900,000 in 1994.

    Goal #2: GROWTH 
     Increase our contributor base (current members and subscribers) from 11,450 (as of 12/31/93) to 23,900 by 7/4/96, of whom at least 20,000 are members.

     Put our 1996 Presidential ticket on the ballot in all 50 states and D.C. Be qualified for the 1996 Presidential ballot without further petitioning in 25-30 states by 12/1/94.

     Increase the number of Libertarians elected (not appointed) to public office to 100 by 12/1/96. Increase the number of Libertarian state legislators from four to eight by 12/1/94.

     Develop and publish a campaign manual by 6/1/94. Produce a tape of sample T.V. campaign ads by 5/1/94. Have 200 Libertarians receive candidate training between 8/30/93 and 9/1/94.

     Produce and distribute 36 news releases in 1994, of which 12 utilize the Shadow Cabinet. Have a media kit available by 6/1/94.

     Produce a written procedure manual which documents LPHQ procedures by 6/1/94. Have at least two LPHQ staff members trained on all essential LPHQ procedures by 8/1/94.

     Develop and publish materials like Project Healthy Choice on two additional issues by 9/1/94.

     Publish 5 issues of The Libertarian Volunteer in 1994. Develop and publish the outline and first two chapters of an organizing manual by 8/1/94. Ensure that there is a functional 
state organization in every state (and D.C.) by 6/1/94. 

Evers submitted a letter calling for the FCC to use the Internet to broaden democratic participation in FCC proceedings. The letter is being circulated by the Taxpayers Assets Project. The LNC voted to sign the letter. 

LNC Organizational Chart                revised April 17, 1994 
Libertarian National Committee 
     Chair & Executive Committee 
                ExecComm Recording Secretary:     Johnson 
           National Director (LPHQ Operations):   Willis 
                Communications Director:          Winter 
                Office Manager:                   Thompson 
                     Membership Secretary:        Bowden 
                     Receptionist:                Hamilton 
                     Intern:                      Chase 
                Consultants:                      Famularo 
           Administration:                        Dasbach 
                Auditor:                          McLean 
                General Counsel:                  Hall 
                Legal Action:                     Hauptmann 
                APRC:                             Evers 
                Committee Members:                Bergland 
                Convention Oversight:             Karlan 
                     Committee Members:           Bennett 
                     Contractors (1996):          Famularo 
                Program:                          Tanner 
                     Domestic Policy:             Tanner 
                     Economic Policy:             Bohanon 
                     Foreign Policy:              Sincere 
                     Editor:                      Richman 
           Development:                           Ayres 
                Telemarketing Contractor:         Thompson 
                Liberty Pledge Maintainance:      McLean 
           Affiliate Support:                     Allard 
                Ballot Access:                    Redpath 
                    Consultant:                   Winger 
                    Contractor:                   Arnold 
                Contractor:                       Knight 
                Regional Representatives:         Dan 
           Campaign Support:                      Crickenberger 
                Federal Campaigns:                Ernsberger 
                Candidate Tracking:               Barnett 
                Ballot Access Races:              Lieberman 
                Elected Officials:                Passwater 
                Contractors:                      Guzetta