Document:LPNY Agenda 5 June 1999

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New York Libertarian Party
State Committee
Agenda: Saturday, June 5, 1999

Sloatsburg Rest Area
10:00 General Discussion
11:00 Business Meeting

1. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting

2. Treasurer's Report

3. Old Business
a. Authorize bank signature cards
b. Approve $50 reimbursement to Scott Campbell for gun show OPH
c. Approve $46 reimbursement to Audrey Capozzi for LPNY PO Box
d. Authorize spending limit for chair
e. Review LPNY and convention financial reports
f. Review budget, especially newsletter costs
g. Discuss newsletter
h. Appoint newsletter editor
i. Discuss 1999 candidates
j. Discuss By-laws proposal "tabled" by state convention
k. Discuss Success 99 schedule
l. Discuss 1999 picnic
m. Discuss Publications Committee
n. Other Old Business
o. Set next meeting (August 21)

4. New Business