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New York Libertarian Party
State Committee Minutes
August 25, 2001

Present: Richard Cooper, Blay Tarnoff, Caryn Tarnoff, Bonnie Scott,
Steve Healey, Chris Garvey, Robert Goodman, Jim Lesczynski, Vince
O'Neill, Jeff Russell, James Eisert (substitute rep. from Manhattan
Chapter), John Clifton, Travis Pahl (observer)

The Nassau Chapter filed 1,926 signatures to help Jim LeBrun and Jim
Harris get on the ballot in the county.  In New York City, petitioners
filed 13,125 signatures.  City Council candidates Jak Karako, Gary
Snyder, and Jim Lesczynski will be on the ballot in New York.  Richard
Cooper suggested that the City Council candidates form one campaign
committee.  Jim Lesczynski indicated that each would probably have their
own.  Scott Jeffrey filed 12,000 signatures and will be running for
Manhattan Borough President.  Yehuda Katz did not make it on the ballot,
but Dalia Flores did.  There were no candidates filing in Suffolk.

Treasurer's Report:
The New York Party has a balance of $21,498.95.  John Clifton reported
that credit card donations would be accepted beginning in the next
week.  The report was accepted by the Committee.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, Syracuse Candidate:
Dr. Daniels, running in Syracuse, did file signatures to appear on the
Libertarian line.  She has asked for a donation of $15,500 from the
Libertarian Party for bus ads and t-shirts for volunteers.  She will be
in the Working Families Primary and will have the Green and Libertarian
lines.  Chris Garvey moved to donate $2,000 to Dr. Daniel's campaign.
Vince O'Neill seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously with
one abstention.

State Convention:
(Vince O'Neill departed at this time.)  The State Committee voted 6-1 to
hold a two-day, rather than a one-day, convention.  Richard will ask the
regional groups to come up with proposals regarding a possible
location.  The Committee discussed the likelihood of having it in
Syracuse if Dr. Daniels wins.

Other Events:
Richard will be talking to Zev Sero about the possibility of marching in
next year's Gay Pride Parade.  He will also look into marching in the
Marijuana Day Parade.

October 15, 2001
Caryn Tarnoff
Secretary, LPNY