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New York Libertarian Party State Committee
Minutes: August 26, 2000
Westbury (Downstate) and Clifton Park (Upstate)

Rich Cooper (Chair), Blay Tarnoff (Vice Chair), Audrey Capozzi (Vice
John Clifton (Treasurer), Caryn Tarnoff (Secretary), Bob Goodman
John Ayling (At-Large), Bonnie Scott (At-Large), Don Silberger (At-Large;
Valley Rep.), Chris Garvey (Suffolk Rep.), Vince O'Neill (Nassau Rep.),
Russell (Capital District Rep.), Bridget Rutty (Central NY Rep.), Stephen
(Monroe Rep.),  (Absent: Brad Arter, Queens Rep., Brooklyn Rep.)

The meeting was called to order at 10:57 am.

Secretary's Minutes:
The minutes of the July 8, 2000 meeting were approved with no changes.

E-Mail Voting:
Bonnie Scott moved that the State Committee be able to vote on
matters via e-mail.  Blay Tarnoff offered friendly amendment that the
wait five days from the time that a motion is introduced via e-mail before 
concluding that the vote totals are final. The motion (with the amendment) 
passed with eleven voting for the motion and three voting against.

Treasurer's Report:
John Clifton distributed a report.  The ending balance, as of 8/25/00, was 
$11,855.70.  John offered to either step down from his treasurer duties or
reporting to BOE, FEC, and IRS until after the election, due to time 
constraints.  A discussion was held regarding the LPNY's need to file
Dave Harnett declined a request to fill in as treasurer.  Rich Cooper will
Bill McMillen and will speak to the National Committee for advice.  John
informed the Committee that the LPNY's income this year is approximately 
$20,000.  Blay Tarnoff suggested that we hire a company to complete the
There was a question regarding how organizations provide signatures when
are completed electronically.  Apparently a written form must also be

Old Business:

Petition Drive
Jeff Russell reported that the LPNY submitted approximately 32,000
for the Harry Browne and John Clifton campaigns.  About 85% of these were
for.  There were about 5,000 volunteer signatures.  The LPNY paid for
7,000 and National paid for 20,000.  Bill Van Allen has filed a challenge
to all
independent nominating petitions.  He has until 8/30 to provide the
details of 
his challenge.  Rich Cooper informed the Committee that Ron Crickenberger
like the LPNY to kick back some money to the National Party because LPNY
less money than it had intended on the petitioning process.  Blay Tarnoff 
informed that Committee that Steve Dasbach had said that National would 
reimburse LPNY for the money it spent on petitioning, which would be about 
$6,800.  The Committee agreed that we would not offer to reimburse
National and 
would wait to see if the issue is brought up again.

New Business:

State Fair:
Bridget Rutty had raised the issue, via e-mail, regarding the LPNY
sponsoring an
annual booth at the New York State Fair.  She reported that the local
chapter is
not doing anything at the Fair at this time and probably is not in the
to handle this project.  There was a discussion regarding the feasibility
of the
State Committee handling this.  It was generally agreed that this project
is not
feasible at this time, however, the Committee suggested that the local
hand out literature to fairgoers.

Chris Garvey moved that the State Committee provide $100 to the Central
New York
Chapter for an ad in the local paper to advertise their upcoming
This motion passed with one nay vote and one abstention.  The convention
will be
on Sunday, September 17, at 2:00 PM.

Don Silberger and Bonnie Scott described an idea to publicize the
of marijuana with "legalize" decals, imprinted with a special National LP
number.  The National Party may be looking into the idea.  Chris Garvey
that there is a law, which imposes fines, against such decals in NY City.
Cooper has done a cost analysis and determined that 100,000 stickers would
around $1,200.  

Donor Thank You Notes:
Rich sends postcards, or packages with news clippings, to donors,
depending on 
the size of the donation.

Upcoming Events:
October 7: NY State Pistol and Rifle Association Meeting
October 24: Rally for St. Luke's Church

John Clifton Campaign:
Chris Garvey moved that the Committee approve $1,000 for John Clifton's 
campaign; the motion passed unanimously.

Next Meeting:
The date for the next "face-to-face" meeting has not yet been determined.
the meantime, State Committee business will be conducted via e-mail

The meeting recessed at 1:04 PM, with official business to be conducted
e-mail, when necessary.