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Libertarian Party of New York
State Committee Minutes
January 26, 2002

Present: Richard Cooper (Chair), Blay Tarnoff (Vice Chair), John Clifton
(Treasurer), Caryn Tarnoff (Secretary), Jim Lesczynski (At-Large),
Bonnie Scott (At-Large), Don Silberger (At- Large), Robert Goodman
(At-Large), Jeff Russell (Capital District), Travis Pahl (Manhattan), 
Chris Garvey (Suffolk), Vince O'Neill (Nassau), Steve Healey (Monroe),
Dottie Lou Brokaw (Hudson), Jim Harris (non-voting), Dan Karlan
(non-voting visitor), Sam Sloane (non-voting), Bob Schultz (non-voting),
Scott Jeffrey (non-voting)

Absent: Audrey Capozzi (Vice Chair), Robert Flanzer (At-Large), Queens
representative, Livingston representative, Central NY representative,
Southern Tier representative

Treasurer's Report (Richard Cooper for John Clifton):
The complete report was posted to the e-mail list and disseminated at
the meeting.  The latest balance is $24,719.96.

Convention Report (Steve Healey):
Steve has a signed contract with a hotel in Rochester.  Possible
speakers include: Jennifer Daniels, George Phillies, Jim Lark, Dan
Karlan, Geoffrey Neale (Texas Chair running for State Chair), and a
speaker from Reconsider.  The "break-even" proceeds were calculated to
be $2,250.  There was general discussion regarding costs and fees.  No
definite decisions were made.

Gubernatorial Race:
Individuals who have expressed interest in running include: Scott
Jeffrey, Bob Schultz, Don Silberger, and Sam Sloane. Scott promised
7,500 signatures from his own effort.  There was general discussion
regarding the costs of ballot access and whether the Party should budget
money for this effort.  Bonnie Scott suggested a subcommittee to develop
a proposal regarding a volunteer effort for ballot access.  Volunteers
for the subcommittee include Scott Jeffrey, Don Silberger, Dottie Lou
Brokaw, Jeff Russell, and Robert Goodman.  Bonnie agreed to facilitate. 
Rich reminded the party that this issue should be decided prior to the
convention so that prospective candidates will have an idea of what to
expect prior to putting in their name for nomination.  Bob Schultz
indicated that he may step aside and work on getting forty people to
collect 500 signatures each and would also help to organize people in
every county to disseminate information about libertarian principles. 
Sam Sloane stated that he would attempt to have a petitioning effort
which would require either no money for petitioning, or a nominal
amount.  If this fails, he would bring in professionals.  

Rich suggested the development of a general Campaign Committee without
the name "libertarian" in it.  All the state candidates could use this
as their campaign committee.  Tim LeBrun has volunteered to serve as
treasurer of such a committee.  Tim ran for Nassau County Executive and
works for an accounting firm.  Federal and local candidates would not be
able to use this committee as they are under a different set of rules. 
Chris Garvey moved to establish a Campaign Committee for state offices
to continue through the election cycle indefinitely and allow candidates
the option of making this their campaign committee.  The treasurer of
such a committee would receive checks, disseminate money, and file
reports.  Chris pointed out that candidates would not be required to use
this committee.  The motion to develop a Campaign Committee carried nine
votes in favor to four against.

Vince O'Neill moved that the governance and decision making of that
committee be made by the State Committee.  The motion failed for lack of
a second.

Bob Goodman moved to table the discussion of the Campaign Committee. 
The motion to table the discussion carried with eleven votes in favor to
two against.

Bylaws Amendment:
Travis Pahl moved to forward Rich Cooper's bylaws proposal to the State
Convention.  After some discussion, Travis withdrew his motion and the
State Committee agreed to discuss the bylaws proposal via e-mail and
submit the proprosal to the membership, if necessary, in the next Free

Other Candidates:
Dottie Lou Brokaw made the following motion: The State Committee
expresses its enthusiastic support for Lee Monnet, running for State
Assembly in District 112, and recommends that the State Convention
endorse him.  The motion passed with ten votes in favor, none against,
and two abstentions.

Jim L. reported that Jak Karako will be running for State Senate in the
26th District, for the seat formerly occupied by Roy Goodman.  Jak asked
the State Committee for $2,000 to conduct a direct mail campaign.  Bob
Goodman reported that Jak is willing to do an experiment in which he
would mail his information to random recipients to determine the effects
of the mail campaign.  Rich suggested that Jak pursue radio time.  Jim
moved that the State Committee provide $1,000 to Jak for his campaign. 
The motion carried with six votes in favor, three votes against, and
three abstentions.

Sam Sloane:
Sam is running for a seat in the 56th Assembly District, located in
Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights.  He is on the ballot but has not
yet been endorsed.  Sam was given time to address the State Committee. 
He reported that his major issue is to abolish rent control.  In
response to committee members' questions, Sam indicated that he is
opposed to drug laws and opposed to people carrying guns.  He was unable
to fully comment at the time about the accuracy and effects of some
information on his website regarding his past intimate relationships. 
Blay moved to endorse Sam Sloane for the 56th Assembly District in the
election on February 12.  Blay asked whether Sam would be willing to
refrain from publicly making arguments in favor of gun control.  Sam
indicated that he is not necessarily for gun control; he just dislikes
the noise of guns in his neighborhood.  He reported that he is willing
to make statements to the effect that he disagrees with the Libertarian
Party's position on gun control.  Sam also indicated that he is against
school vouchers and agrees in principle with getting the government out
of education.  The motion to endorse Sam Sloan failed to carry with five
votes for and seven votes against.

Chris Garvey indicated that the Department of Transportation wants to
close some exits of the Taconic Parkway.  He wanted ensure that  the
Hudson Valley people were aware of this.  He will continue this
discussion on e-mail.

The Martial Arts petition has garnered four hundred and thirty
signatures so far.

Dan Karlan Presentation:
Dan is from New Jersey and is our regional representative to the
National Committee.  Dan disseminated information about the Libertarian
Party Strategic Plan, developed December 20, 2001.  This plan could be
found at  More
information could be found at 
The Plan delineated six goals and twenty strategies, which are fully
described in a 220 page report.  Dan could be reached at:
dankarlan@....  His phone number is 201-444-2846.  His
address is: 97 Manhattan Ave., Waldwick, NJ 07463.  Blay moved that the
Libertarian Party of New York recognize the valuable work that the
National Party has done and express its appreciation.  The motion
carried with eleven votes in favor and one against.

Sam Sloan asked a question regarding the nature of the inquiry which
past candidates have been subject to by the State Committee.  State
Committee members indicated that past interviews have been similar to
Sam's interview.

The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted:
Caryn Cohen Tarnoff, State Secretary