Dr Barbara Bourland Light of Liberty Award

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The Dr Barbara Bourland Light of Liberty Award is an award in which the recipient is honored by the Libertarian Party of Indiana as the person most responsible for the growth of the party and dedication to the libertarian cause.

Founded For

Dr. Barbara Bourland

Award Winners

Year Awarded Recipient (First, Last) County
2022 Donald Rainwater Hamilton
2021 Danny Lundy Morgan
2020 Kristi Avery Allen
2019 Bill Bean Marion
2018 Jeremiah Morrell Henry
2017 Rex Bell Wayne
2016 Karl Tatgenhorst Porter
2015 Greg Hertzsch Clark
2014 Beth Duensing Lake
2013 Chris Spangle Johnson
2012 Evan McMahon Marion
2011 Joyce Morrell Rush
2011 Paul Morrell Rush
2010 Allison Maguire Marion
2009 Dan Drexler LaPorte
2008 Timothy Maguire Marion
2007 Mike Kole Hamilton
2006 Greg Kelver LaPorte
2005 Rex Bell Wayne
2004 Phil Miller Hancock
2003 Rebecca Sink-Burris Monroe
2002 Sam Goldstein Marion
2001 Mark Rutherford Marion
2001 Andy Horning Marion
2000 Kurt St. Angelo Marion
1999 Steve Dillon Marion