Elliott Scheirman

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Elliott Scheirman
Personal Details
Residence: Texas
Party: Libertarian

Elliott Scheirman is a born and raised Houstonian. He is the oldest of three sons to a steel fabricator father and telecom professional turned Uber driver mother. Rounding out his family is his rescue golden retriever mix, Jodie. He grew up loving the outdoors with Boy Scouts and was in marching band at Westbury High School. During his time at a school with a nationwide reputation as “the dropout factory” with 40% of freshman never completing their senior year, he started to realize how many of our systems are set up unfairly against minority and lower income families. After high school, Elliott attended the University of Houston where he discovered an appreciation for problem solving and efficient operations while pursuing his bachelor’s in business management and had the opportunity to develop leadership skills and community service with Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. During those years, a nationwide debate raged over same-sex marriage and gays in the military. Having a brother who recently came out, Elliott knew firsthand how discriminatory practices harmed innocent people and why protecting equal rights for the LGBT community was and continues to be such an important cause. In 2010 he started taking night classes, pursuing a longtime dream of an MBA focused in Supply Chain Management. Feeling a personal responsibility to community, he started a wildly popular mentor program connecting students with established professionals in their field. He has 13-year career in supply chain project management in the energy and tech sectors and has honed an ability to optimize more efficient processes, meet deadlines and budgets, and make smarter use of organizational resources. He is committed to bringing those skillsets to DC where he’ll deliver some sorely needed solutions. His interest in politics originally sparked during the 2008 election with a realization that the old parties were too judgmental, controlling, and wasteful in their approaches. He felt that many public programs were implemented with good intentions, but often result in unintended and costly consequences. Empathizing with his brother coming out as gay during a nationwide debate on public discrimination, he – like most Americans, just wanted the government out of their personal business. His dedication to honesty and integrity led him to discover his rightful home with the Libertarian Party, the party of principle. Elliott is no stranger to leadership and is a longtime activist for individual rights and safer communities. Within the party, he has served as county secretary and state senate district representative. In 2020 he ran against two other outstanding candidates, was the sole Libertarian endorsed by the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, and won the nomination for US Congress in Texas’s 2nd District.