Garrison Ham

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Garrison Ham
Ham Garrison 2022.jpg
Libertarian Party of California
with Terry Miller
Predecessor: Graham Brown
Personal Details
Education: San Francisco State University
Occupation: Sales Engineer
Residence: Oceanside, CA
Party: Libertarian
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Garrison Ham is a member of the Libertarian Party of California. Prior to joining the Libertarian Party in November, 2021, he considered himself an independent or Classical Liberal. He came to the party by being honest with his beliefs, open to challenging himself, and understanding that personal autonomy is the only real sustainable option for peace.

His libertarian influences include: Mises, Hayek, Locke, Paine, Bastiat, Amash and Cohen. He is passionate about 2A, Housing, and Dismantling Bureaucracy


Garrison was born in Oakland, CA in 1986 to Robert Ham and Martine LaBelle. He is a Sales Engineer, and resides in Oceanside, CA with his wife, Lindsay Bauman. His hobbies include lifting weights, and anything he can do to fuck the state.


  • San Francisco State University, BA - Summa Cum Laude (History, United States and Middle East)
  • San Francisco State University, MA (Political Science, Middle Eastern Comparative Politics and International Relations)

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of California

  • Alternate, 2022

San Diego Libertarian Party

  • Chair, 2022

State Committees

Caucus Affiliations